I Think My Tapes Are Great! But No One Calls

I am a local star waiting to be discovered. I put a lot of time into recording and sending out demo tapes. I sent them to club dudes and the record companies and others in the biz. I even sent one to WAMA. No one ever calls me, not even WAMA. I think my tapes are great - what gives?

AskMike is constantly amazed at the number of tapes that come in without contact information. AskMike has a large collection of unnamed tapes or tapes without phone numbers or addresses. Many of these tapes are ones that AskMike likes or would like to contact.

AskMike says - identify yourselves. Put the artist name, contract name and phone number on the tape itself, as well as on the case and on any promo material. Sometimes tapes get separated from the promo, as was the case for the hundreds of tapes that came in for the Crosstown Jam. When the Crosstown Committee heard a tape they liked, many times they couldn't call the band.

AskMike also suggests a follow up phone call to make sure the tape was received and to find out about a good time to check back. Don't expect that great talent is going to carry you.. Be aggressive - but try not to be obnoxious.

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