The MusicianShip acquired the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) and presented The Wammies in early 2019, re-imagining this 31-year-old music award show to celebrate and honor DC-Area artists and musicians. 

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The Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) was a non-profit tax exempt organization of music industry professionals committed to raising the profile of the region's diverse music community. WAMA's main goal was promoting Washington area music in general and achieving national recognition of the region as an important center for live and recorded music. Just as the nation's capital is comprised of a rich cross section of cultures, WAMA's membership embraced all musical styles from classical, bluegrass, go-go, R&B, and reggae, to rock, jazz and folk. WAMA has officially dissolved and passed the mantle to The MusicianShip.


The Washington Area Music Awards has recognized significant career achievements by area musicians. Nominations and balloting came from the WAMA membership.  

Wammie Awards 2006-2015

Wammie Awards 1996-2005

Wammie Awards 1985-1995

VIDEO: Washington Area Music Association Celebrating 25 Years

This short film looks at the history of WAMA and interviews veteran musicians and new artists who call the DC area their home. Subjects range from venues in the DC area to honest opinions about the role that WAMA serves for the community of musicians in DC. The piece also includes vintage footage, Wammie performance highlights, as well as video and song clips from the participating artists. George Nugent, Director of Photography.