2018 Jun - SQL =query() EdTechTeam

EdTechTeam Summit - Data Collection & Published Reports Using Google Forms & =query() Function

June 2018

SQL in Google's Sheets using =query() function

In this presentation will introduce the use of the Google Sheet's = query() function to create and publish reports by selecting, filtering, sorting, and formatting data to print or publish well designed reports of the data.

Google forms can be used to collect the data. Google sheets can be used a the data table.

Presentation Slide Deck

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SQL Google =query() EdTeam 2018

Sample =query() Projects

TractorPull.us - Uses Google forms to register participants. Google Sheets to update results of each pull. =query() to select, filter, sort, and format the results. Google Publish to create a webpage of the results.

Utah Coding Projects - Uses a Google Form to collect the information for online projects and Google Sheets & =query to organize and publish the information. Form Link - bit.ly/utahcoding. Project webpage - bit.ly/utahcodingprojects

Sandbox Utah HS with Addresses

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Sandbox Utah HS w Addresses

Google =query() Function Basics

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Google Query Function Basics

Google =query() Resources

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Google Spreadsheet Query Resources