2018 Jan - Nebo Coding Club

Nebo Coding Club Outline

Nebo Coding Club Salem JHS

Week 1 - Intro to App Lab - write() & HTML, Canvas Drawing

01 Assets Write Canvas
02 Sequence Canvas Screen Layout - Sheet1.pdf

Week 2 - Basic Calculations in App Lab

02 Calculation Apps

Week 3 - Microbits Introduction

The BBC's Microbit is a small programmable device. It has built in sensors and outputs. (http://microbit.org) It can be programmed using Microsoft's block style MakeCode. (http://makecode.org)

Microbit Project - Name, Initials & Design
Microbit Project - Temperature Compass Magnetic Sensors

Week 4 - Microbit Counters

Event Counter. At different kinds of events (sporting, plays, ball games, music presentations, etc.) there may be a person who is counting the number of people entering the event by clicking a button on a counter.

To create an event counter a variable is needed to keep track of the count. In this project we will create and use the variable "counter". It is set to "0" on start up. Then an event is set up when the "A" button is pressed so that 1 is added to the variable and displayed. A second event is set up with the when "B" button is pressed to reset the counter back to "0" and then display it.

Sample Block Code

Sample JavaScript Code


let counter = 0

input.onButtonPressed(Button.A, () => {

counter += 1



input.onButtonPressed(Button.B, () => {

counter = 0




Umpire Counter. Can you modify the code to create an baseball umpires counter so that one button will count strikes and the other button will count balls and both buttons together will reset the counter?

Rock, Paper, Scissors Score Keeper. Can you modify the code or create a new app that will keep track of 2 people playing a game like "Rock, Paper, Scissors"? Can you add both buttons to keep track of "ties"? Can you use an "on Shake" event to display all the scores?

Pedometer. Can you create a pedometer using the "on Shake" event to keep track of steps taken during a day? Could you use one button to display steps and another button to reset the counter?

Game Piece. Can you create a game that uses a microbit as a part used to play the game?

Microbit Project - Dice Roll

Week 5 - Conditionals

05 Conditionals