2018 Jan - Millard PLC

Millard District PLC - Coding with Microbits and App Lab

January 2018

Coding with Microbits and App Lab

In this presentation will introduce two of the really exciting ways to be innovative and to code for upper elementary, middle school, and high school students. The first is using the BBC's Microbit to innovate by coding to control a small programmable hardware controller. The second is using Code.org's App Lab allows the coding of an app that can published and run on any phone, tablet or computer. The presentation will be of for anyone teaching STEM classes or interested in technology or coding.

Designing, Creating, and Publishing a Basic Calculation App using Code.org's App Lab

Code.org's App Lab (code.org/applab) can be used to create and publish apps that run on any smartphone, tablet, or computer as HTML apps. In this project an app will created that preforms a basic calculation.

Directions to Create a Basic App

Step by step to create and publish a basic calculation app. Instructions.

Getting started video. https://youtu.be/e1St8LB4VJA

Sample Apps

  • "2 Number Calculator" by Maria. The calculator app let the person enter 2 numbers and then multiple the numbers when the Calculate button triggers an event to do a basic calculation and display the answer.
  • "Calculation" by Penny C. This app takes one number in as input, doubles the number, and then displays the answer.
  • "Circle Area Calculator" by Maxwell F. This app takes an input of the radius of the circle and outputs the area of the circle.
  • "Four Function Calculator" by C Lyman. This app takes 2 numbers as input and then lets a person +, -, *, or / the numbers.

Designing, Creating, and Downloading a BBC's Micro:bit Project

The BBC Micro:bit is a small programmable device that contains temperature, accelerator, compass, light, and magnetic sensors. It has an "A" and a "B" button that can be used to start events. It has an 5 by 5 LED display that can be used to output text and numbers. It also has several General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) pins.

Teaching Microbits

Here are several resources for teaching coding with Micro:bits. http://microbit.org/teach/

Microbit project links. https://makecode.microbit.org/projects

Link to 14 Week Intro to CS course. https://makecode.microbit.org/courses/csintro. Buy a printed copy from Lulu. http://www.lulu.com/commerce/index.php?fBuyContent=22274060

Sample Projects

  • "Hello World" by Brookelyn. This Micro:bit app displays "Hello World" with the press of the "A" button. The "B" button displays her name. "On Shake" will display a design on the LEDs. A forever loop displays a smiley face.
  • "Designs" by Madeline R. Buttons display different designs.
  • "Temperature, Compass, & Light" by Ethan M. Displays input from sensors.

Buy a Microbit

In the USA Microbits can be purchased for $16.50 from 2 different companies. Both companies may give educational discounts.