Number of players

2-4 players

Playing time

15-20 min

Recommended age

6+ years

Have you ever tried to build sandcastles on the beach? Seen the waves come in and totally destroy your hard work. In this game, you compete to build sandcastles and get them scored by the judges before the water tears them apart.

On your turn, you build sandcastles. But where?

  • Close to the water will score you more points, but it's more exposed to the waves.

  • Adjacent to your previous castles will allow you to build more, but maybe you want to spread your risks.

  • Picking up gems left by previous waves can be valuable, but are they worth it.

When you are ready, roll the dice!

The treacherous wave dice will determine:

  • where the waves build up

  • where the waves strike

  • if a judge decides to score the sandcastles and move to a new position.


  • Push your luck

  • Area control

  • Set collection


  • 1 Game board

  • 3 judges

  • 48 sandcastles (12 per player)

  • 2 regular dice

  • 1 custom dice

  • 64 wave crystals