Number of players

2-4 players

Playing time

15-20 min

Recommended age

6+ years

Have you ever tried to build sand castles on the beach? Seen the waves come in and totally destroy your hard work. In this game you compete to build sand castles at good location and hopefully get them scored by the judges before the water tears them apart.

Start by rolling two dice, this will determine where the water build up or if one of the judges decides to come by.

If the wave comes, all sand castles in that column will be washed away.

Finally you build new sand castles or improve one of your existing one. Then you pass the dice to the next player and cross your fingers that the waves have mercy.

  • 1 Game board
  • 2 judges
  • 16 sand castles per player - wooden squares
  • 2 d6 dice
  • 1 custom d6 dice
  • 72 wave crystals