Cash In Transit

Number of players

2-6 players

Playing time

45-60 min

Recommended age

6+ years

Do you want to drive a CIT fast through the city, delivering valuables and avoiding robbers? Or do you want to try and intercept the CIT robbing it? Cash In Transit will allow you to try out both.

In this fast paced game you will try to plan your moves and use the city to your advantage. Train crossings and bridges might interfere with your route, road works will slow you down and police patrols will make the robbers go in another direction.

A card based action system will make it easy to see your options, the difficulty is to read your opponents and go in the right direction.


  • Game board
  • 60 Action cards
  • 2 CITs
  • 4 robber cars
  • 6 player identification tokens
  • 15 obstacle tokens
  • 8 valuable tokens

Title image by kelp -, CC BY 2.0,