Dragon Clouds

Number of players

1-5 players

Playing time

20-40 min

Recommended age

+8 years

You are a Dragon wizard, your latest fire breather has just hatched and you need to make sure it grows up into a strong and fearsome creature.

Use your powers to control the weather, allowing the strong magic light sources to spread their rays.

Your apprentices collect the enhanced dragon food, but beware, a lightning storm might appear out of the blue.

Dragon Clouds is a Roll and Write game with focus on risk-reward. On your turn you select where the weather clears, then everyone moves one of their apprentices before you roll the selected dice to decide the weather.

If there are more then 4 dice in one region, a lightning storm will start "rolling" and no one knows where it will end.


  • Weatherboard
  • Pad of evolution sheets
  • 12 d6 (custom or regular)
  • 10 meeples
  • 5 pens