Tales of Treasure

Number of players

2-4 players

Playing time

30-40 min

Recommended age

+10 years

This is a 90 second overview of the game, do you like it? Please let us know!

Music by Simon Husberg (https://soundcloud.com/simoncomposer)

Be the first pirate to fill your ship with treasures. Explore a new world, combine the tales and locate the spot where you can dig up your wealth. Other pirates will try to stop you so have your cannons prepared and fight them out in fast and funny battles.

You navigate the seas drawing new tiles to expand the world, discovering landmarks that will allow you to pinpoint the treasures.

Tales of Treasure is a light weight logical game with some player interaction.

Navigate your ship in a world full of landmarks and treasures.


  • 42 tiles
  • 28 cannon balls
  • 63 treasure tokens
  • 24 tale cards
  • 24 landmarks (barrels, trees, churches, gems, bottles)
  • 4 player pirate ships
  • 4 plastic ships
  • 4 plastic cups


Player pirate ship with cargo hold for treasure tokens and cannon balls.

A tale card indicating that there is a Treasure south of a tree.