Number of players

3-4 players

Playing time

30-40 min

Recommended age

10+ years

The count is missing, no one has seen him since yesterday. You are one of four employees at the mansion and that makes you a suspect! The police will interrogate and you must try to avoid suspicion.

Interrogation is a twist on a classic deduction games, here you don't have a set story. Instead you will need to come up and answer questions in such a way that you appear to be trustworthy and the other player end up behind bars!

When it is your turn, draw a question card, fill in the blanks and the query one of your friends. They need to respond by adding a new statement or confirming an already existing one. If you confirm one, you will gain favors that can be cashed in later.

When truth is revealed, false statements will be removed and compromising situations appear.

At the end of the game you reveal your character and your personal weapon. If you end up in a room with some one else's weapon, that is clearly suspicious!

  • 1 game board
  • 4 player screens
  • 4 character cards
  • 4 weapon cards
  • 48 questions
  • 12 setup cards
  • 16 player tokens per player
  • 4 characters with 12 tokens each
  • 4 weapons with 12 tokens each