Number of players

3-5 players

Playing time

30-45 min

Recommended age

+14 years

Welcome to the land of Corrupto. You represent one of the influential families in this corrupt banana republic. Your goal is to make as much cash as possible by influencing the corrupt leadership before Corrupto becomes a democracy.

The President has a budget that determines how much money each of the three departments get each round. The President must watch his step though, because there is a General open for suggestions to start a Coup to replace him.

The departments each have ministers. The ministers have little regard for things like the environment, their citizens and their fellow leaders - making them open for business suggestions. Every minister also has a successor, often already under the families’ influence, just waiting to move up. To influence the ministers and successors, each family has two cousins. The key to the game is to get your cousins to work for the right minister when the Deal action is played.

Each round, all players simultaneously plan one action for each department affecting the ministers and the successors. Then all actions are resolved, in a specific order. But beware - actions played on a dead minister will not happen.

The game ends when one or more of the minister positions are empty at the end of a round. Democracy has arrived!

The land of Corrupto a few turns into the game.


  • 54 cards (5 players)
    • 14 minister cards
    • 9 president cards
    • 6 setup cards
    • 4 action cards/player
    • 1 player card/player
  • 10 meeples
    • 2 meeples/player
  • card board money or plastic cubes/crystals
  • 3 coup tokens
  • 1 custom dice

Action cards used by you to manipulate the ministers and successors.

If you want to have a more thematic and complex game, you can add family powers.