Number of players

2-6 players

Playing time

20-40 min

Recommended age

+10 years

Combine logic and dexterity, mix in some building bricks. You are working on the assembly line, trying to finish the designs. The clock is ticking, so you can't drink coffee for ever. The winner is the first assembler that has cleared out all bricks of their color from the global market and the personal supply.

The game has two main phases each round:

  • As fast as you can, check the incoming design, add bricks from your supply, pass it on and finally take a reward token.
  • While catching your breath, verify all rejected and ready designs. Collect bricks from the global market according to reward order.


  • 25 building bricks per player
  • 30 design cards
  • 9 Event cards
  • A 20 second hour glass
  • 6 reward tokens
  • 6 Ready/Reject tokens
  • 6 Coffee cups