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Imaging Tool Could Increase Accuracy, Safety of Brain Tumor Surgery

U-M Health System researchers are testing technology that gives brain surgeons real-time microscopic vision of tumors. “It allows the surgical decision-making process to become data driven instead of relying on the surgeon’s best guess,” said Daniel Orringer, MD, the U-M

Edgar A. Kahn, MD Interviewed by John McGillicuddy, MD and Glenn Kindt, MD

Dr. Kahn was a Charter Member of the Harvey Cushing Society. Dr. Kahn recounts what medical training was like when there was no suction, no Bovie, no IVs and no blood transfusions. He was associated with Max Peet for 25 years and was present at Harvey Cushing's 70th birthday party. He describes his many acquaintances of neurosurgical pioneers and his studies at Queens Square with Sir Arnold Carmichael and Charles Symonds.

Out of the Blue - Dr. Karin Muraszko

Dr. Karin Muraszko discusses the challenges of pediatric neurosurgery and her personal journey through disability. Her story is one of innovation and inspiration.

Project Shunt 2008

The U-M department of Neurosurgery travels to Guatemala every fall to perform surgeries, deliver supplies and provide care to Guatemalan children with neural tube disorders.

Intraoperative MRI (iMRI) Capabilities at University of Michigan

The University of Michigan neurosurgery team uses a special type of technology known as Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI) to give surgeons a detailed view of brain and spinal cord tumors during surgery. U-M is the only hospital in the state of Michigan offering this type of iMRI technology.

The high resolution images provided by the system lead to better precision in complicated neurosurgery operations, with the goal of reducing the risk of neurological injury during the procedure.

Untapped Healing: Maria Castro and Pedro Lowenstein at TEDxUofM

Maria Castro and Pedro Lowenstein are Professors of Neurosurgery and Cell and Developmental Biology at UofM. Maria's research focuses on development of immunotherapies for brain cancers. Pedro's focus is discovering the cellular, molecular, and mathematical basis underlying the growth patterns of malignant brain tumors. Together, their pioneering work in gene therapy for brain cancer has recently been approved by the FDA to begin a Phase I clinical trial.