The Edgar Kahn Era Photos (1949-1969)

In 1926, Dr. Edgar Kahn, son of famed architect Albert Kahn – who designed many of the well-known buildings in Detroit and on the University of Michigan’s campus, including the original University Hospital – became the first neurosurgical resident to work with Dr. Peet. In 1949, when Dr. Peet died suddenly in the operating room, Dr. Kahn became the second head of the section. Dr. Kahn created a research laboratory with renowned neuroanatomist Dr. Elizabeth C. Crosby; together, they defined many important aspects of correlative neuroanatomy. Dr. Kahn was one of the first neurosurgeons to introduce contrast material into brain abscesses to follow their size. He also helped pioneer early nuclear medicine scans for localizing brain tumors. Dr. Kahn’s entire career was a gift to the University, as he only accepted one dollar per year in salary.

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