ATTENTION: Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and community members for making the CSSC such a success and helping so much of our Arizona community! As students return back to clinical rotations, the CSSC programs have transitioned back into a part of the Community Health Initiative Program (CHIP) of the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix. Please email our CHIP leader at with any further questions!

Welcome to the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix COVID-19 Student Service Corps (CSSC)!

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering and serving our Arizona communities during this trying time.

About the CSSC:

What is the CSSC?

The CSSC was an initiative started by the Columbia University health professions students and we have adopted this model for our school. We have a large volunteer workforce with many different interprofessional students as well as students from other medical schools. We have many projects including those focused on education, PPE, food / resource programs, help lines and epidemiological programs.

Our Mission:

To support Arizona health systems and their patients, workforce, and communities facing the COVID-19 pandemic through interprofessional student service-learning projects.

Contact Us:

Follow us on Social Media: @Uacomp_cssc

Organization of the CSSC:

Program Oversight Chair

Tory Prynn, MS4

Outreach Chair

Kevin Gochenour, MS4

Public Relations Chair

Nicole Segaline, MS4

Administrative Chair

Kylie Kilian, MS1

Clinical Site Chair

Sara Yee, MS1

Faculty Chair

Stephanie Briney, DO

Oversight Committee (Pictured Above): Faculty Chair(s) and Student Chair(s) oversee the volunteer projects, recruitment, and leadership structure. They work with the healthcare system to identify needs and deploy teams to address them. An Administrative Chair facilitates the administrative connections needed to efficiently support the needs of each Project.

Student Coordinators: Student Coordinator(s) assist the Project Leaders with Project organization, scheduling if applicable, and volunteer communication. They assist in communications between Student Leaders and the Oversight Committee.

Project Leaders: Each project has Student Leader(s) who directly manage the project under the supervision of the Student Coordinators and Oversight Committee. The Project Leaders train and deploy volunteers and adapt the project as the needs of the health system change.

Arizona Programs Involved with the CSSC:

DISCLAIMER: The University of Arizona Covid Student Service Corps projects are approved for the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix pathway and medical students, under the guidance of Dr. Stephanie Briney, from a state risk management perspective. Other colleges/ programs should contact their administration to make sure they are covered from a liability standpoint as well. Furthermore, for any program that requires EHR access and credentialing, please contact your school for access.