Lundy Equipment

Although we go to Lundy in the summer the weather can be extremely changeable within the course of one day. This means bringing a range of clothing. Whilst on Lundy much of the time will be spent in the field so you will need to bring food and drink with you, as well as appropriate clothing. The list below represents the basic kit that you will need to bring to the island:

  • Waterproof coat (with hood) and over-trousers (no bright colours)
  • Fleece (it is best to opt for layers to deal with temperature changes, so a t-shirt and then a fleece under a coat should suffice)
  • Walking boots (trainers will not do; you need something waterproof, with a good grip and ankle support)
  • Light trousers (not jeans; but something quick drying)
  • Shorts
  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream (factor 25 or above depending upon skin type)
  • Sun glasses (the glare from the sea and rocks is intense)
  • Day rucksack large enough to carry spare clothes and note books etc.
  • Torch (and spare batteries; head torches are most useful)
  • Flask
  • Water bottle
  • Lunchbox
  • Notebook and pens/pencils (pack a large transparent plastic bag so that you can continue note taking in the rain)
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Clothes for the evening back at The Barn
  • Toiletries
  • Any personal medication
  • MP3 player, novel etc. for evening
  • Ear plugs - some of us snore...

There are a number of stores that sell the above gear including Blacks, Decathlon, Ellis Brigham, Millets, Snow and Rock and TK Maxx. It is always worth shopping around and looking for deals as well as checking online.