Amanda-River Mead

Bio: I graduated from Plymouth with a degree in Psychology in 2001 and subsequently worked in mental health and social services. I also hold a Graduate Diploma in Law.

At Middlesex I completed a Masters by Research in Evolutionary Behavioural Science, which was awarded, with distinction, in October 2022.

MSc title: Surviving Alpha: Using sequential analysis to examine the behaviours of Black-legged Kittiwake chicks during sibling pecking attacks.

In this thesis I investigated the dynamics of alpha and beta chick interactions with one another.

All the data came from colonies on Lundy, an island off the North Devon coast, where the lab runs a field site and a regular field trip.

Publication: Mead, A-R, Neller, K., Horrod-Wilson, W. & Dickins, T.E. (2021.) Adult Kittiwake expelling chick from nesting ledge. British Birds, 114 (December), 766

Contact: AM3424 AT