Claire Gellard

Socioeconomic predictors of cooperative social behaviour

Research interests: I am interested in cooperation, morality, emotions, social value orientation, norms, reciprocity, evolution and life history theory, behavioural biology, game theory. I tie all this together with the following thematic research questions:

Why do people do good things?

Why are some people more willing than others to sacrifice freedoms for the sake of others?

How does dispositional variance influence our beliefs and behaviours?

Bio: I am a PhD student and Graduate Academic Assistant at Middlesex University. My research explores cooperative social behaviour with a focus on understanding predictors of Covid-19 health behaviours. I am currently carrying out research to identify how beliefs about oneself, others and the world predict attitudes towards vaccinations. I also have a number of projects in development exploring moral disengagement, social networks and information flow.

Claire has previously carried out research investigating littering behaviours. She is a member of the Sustainable Development Research Cluster at Middlesex. In addition, Claire was selected to present at the 2019 'Keep Britain Tidy Roundtable' vent hosted by Middlesex University, which saw a range of academics and practitioners come together to discuss current research around littering behaviour. She has experience with writing funding applications, budgeting and study design.

Publications: Gellard, C., Dickins, T. E. & Coulson, M. (2019.) The ecology of cooperation: considerations for litter research. Journal of Litter and Environmental Quality, 3 (1), 38-50.

Contact: C.Gellard AT