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22 April 2021: Congratulations to Amanda Mead who today passed her registration panel for her MSc by Research looking at conflict between Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) chicks. Now the restrictions are changed in the U.K. she should be in the field this June.


18 February 2021: A new commentary paper from Jonathan Sigger is now out in which perceptual control theory is applied to aspects of cleansing behaviour: A not-so proximate account of cleansing behavior.

15 January 2021: A new blog on Social Capital and Covid-19 has been published on MDX Minds, discussing how social capital relates to managing during the pandemic.

15 December 2020: Congratulations to Kirsty Neller who has been appointed Associate Lecturer within the department of psychology at Middlesex University. Kirsty works tremendously hard for the department and this opportunity is well deserved.

29 October 2020: Sabrina Schalz gave a talk to the London Natural History Society on Avian Eavesdropping on Human Speech. You can watch the talk by clicking on this link.

12 October 2020: A new paper on panic buying during pandemic and related conditions has just been published in Learning and Motivation by some of the @BSL_MDX team: Food Shopping Under Risk and Uncertainty.

28 September 2020: Tom Dickins has written a new blog post about possible social norm dynamics resulting from Covid-19 restrictions.

23 September 2020: Sabrina Schalz has a new preprint available: Humans Discriminate Individual Large-Billed Crows by their Calls.

16 September 2020: A sad goodbye to Tharb Faisl, who had been working on his MSc by Research looking at urban gull behaviours. Tharb has made some career decisions and has taken up a post as lecturer in biology at Southwark College. All at BSL wish him well in this exciting new venture.

16 September 2020: Welcome to Warren Horrod-Wilson, who joins BSL this month to undertake his BSc Psychology final year project with us. We are really looking forward to working with him.

30 July 2020: Congratulations to Sabrina Schalz who passed her viva voce examination, with Distinction and no corrections, for her MSc by Research (Evolutionary Behavioural Science). A great and well deserved result.

16 June 2020: Tom Dickins gave a public talk for the Lundy Field Society on the Kittiwake work being conducted with Kirsty Neller and Amanda Mead.

2 June 2020: Sabrina Schalz's new paper is now available online: Schalz, S. & Dickins, T.E. (In press.) Humans Discriminate Individual Zebra Finches by their Song. Biolinguistics

6 April 2020: Congratulations to Tharb Faisl for passing his registration panel for his MSc by Research (Evolutionary Behavioural Science)

26 March 2020: Tom Dickins has published a blog on behavioural responses to risk and uncertainty, and their relevance to the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 March 2020: Tom Dickins took part in a panel discussion on Nature versus Nurture at the LSE Festival. You can hear the podcast of this event by clicking here.

12 February 2020: Tom Dickins' review of Uller and Laland's new book was published in Evolution, on Darwin's birthday of all days!

7 February 2020: Sabrina Schalz presented a poster at the Linnean Society Student Conference.

22 January 2020: Congratulations to Sabrina Schalz for passing her registration panel for her MSc by Research (Evolutionary Behavioural Science).

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