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22 June 2022: A new open access paper has been published with Kimmo Eriksson and Pontus Strimling on global sex differences in hygiene norms and their relation to sex equality.

24 March 2022: A new paper has been published by Jonathan Sigger on using a hotspot procedure in an online study of perceptions of hand contamination.

11 March 2022: Congratulations to Kirsty Neller who transferred to PhD track today. Kirsty is working on parental quality in Kittiwakes (Rissa tridactyla) on colonies on Lundy and in Lowestoft.

4 March 2022: Congratulations to Warren Horrod-Wilson who today registered for his MSc by Research. He is working on chick begging sequences in Kittiwakes (Rissa tridactyla).

22 February 2022: Congratulations to Jonathan Sigger who today transferred successfully from MPhil to PhD track. Jonathan is working on the application of perceptual control theory to hand washing interventions.


30 November 2021: A new blog has been posted on MDX Minds - New perspectives on evolutionary theory revealed

15 November 2021: Tom Dickins published a book entitled The Modern Synthesis: Evolution and the Organization of Information, with Springer.

11 November 2021: The BSL Kittiwake team have just had a short note accepted in British Birds (114) due out in December 2021. In the note a probable filicide of a Kittiwake chick is described. You can read our tweet about the paper here. Please contact the lead author, Amanda Mead, for more details.

5 November 2021: Congratulations are due to Claire Gellard who successfully transferred from MPhil to PhD after a tremendous presentation and panel discussion.

5 October 2021: Tom Dickins has published a new paper in Behavior & Philosophy on Ecological Psychology, Radical Enactivism and Behavior.

4 October 2021: Tom Dickins has published a new paper on biosemiotics and information theory in Biosemiotics. The paper is available at this link for a short while.

30 September 2021: Kirsty Neller gave a talk on her Kittiwake research to the London Natural History Society. To watch the talk click on this link.

16 September 2021: Warren Horrod Wilson, previously an undergraduate member of our lab, has now joined as a candidate on our MSc by Research (Evolutionary Behavioural Science). He will be joining Kirsty Neller and Amanda Mead on the Kittiwake team. Welcome back Warren, we are really pleased to have you on board.

9 September 2021: Congratulations to Sabrina Schalz who has joined the Proceedings B Preprint editorial team for animal behaviour and cognition.

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