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Make this World Look Like a Real Natural Paradise! - Participate and Enjoy -

WWWW ; The World Wide Wood Web; Your Network Tools and knowledge to understand Nature and your own Nature

Plants talk, communicate, understand, react and know what you are doing/ thinking and intent.

We need to understand living creatures as they are. Learning their language. Understanding their signals. The World Wide Wood Web; it's time to connect into the World Wide Wood Web wwww! and understanding Nature as it is - You are Nature-

Learning to see plants, understanding and communicating with Nature.

A wonderful World Wide Wood Web is coming and growing more and more into human mind. Making connections with us. We learn to understand Nature. To work together in harmony to have and to create a better future. Nature and Natural living as a central point. Understanding Nature and working together as an assential goal. There are a lot of good examples how to act ; More knowledge about the World Wide Wood Web ; Ecovrede

We like to learn together everyday in understanding Nature The World Wide Wood Web Participate on your own way and have a nice day and a new future

The World Wide Wood Web is much better as the World Wide Web! :)

It's an Natural Living Web around the World, in every country. If we like to reconnect with Nature Change your WWWW to World Wide Wood Web! Soon you will understand why.

Local, International, Natural, Personal and Futureproof

Lets make a real Natural Network Paradise Based on Natural Principles

Locations Consciousness Investment and sponsoring Natural Food Healthy Food Forests World Wide

Monitoring Tiny Houses New Laws

Youtube: How trees secretly talk to each other and ; 'Trees that talk' the World Wide Wood Web

Do you see; there are a lot of examples how the old system destroys communities and nature because of a wrong understanding in the natural principals..? A computer or a model on your desk is something else as a natural living network formed in a thousand years. It's necessary to change your mindset. Any destruction or polluting is always disturbing the natural order - your own responsibility. It's like destroying your own health.. and future. Nature has the lead. Always You need to assimilate into the natural processes.

We need to learn a non destructive natural stimulating working principals and facts to have a future. World Wide Wood Web

More about Natural prncipals in Congo ;

More about Native People as Nature Protectors ;

Youtube: Plans have their own kind of nervesystem;

Mind and Nature is the basic forces in our live. We need Nature and Nature understand our Needs. We invite you to participate in our World Wood Web. A Natural connection between Nature and Individuals organised on different places. Meetings or gatterings behalf of this item can be published on our website or shown on our social Media Network. Lets work for free in harmony with Nature. The Future is Nature; The future is us. We are Nature.

We give lectures

organise workshops

pesonal sessions on request

Youtube; Fantastic Fungi, Official Film Trailer | M...

  1. The Western mind in carnal intimacy with a living Earth

  2. The adaptive cycle as a dynamic map for resilience thinking

Cosmic Internet Discovery Bosnian Pyramid;


World Wide Wood Web WWWW

Natural, Personal, Futureproof

A Natural Network to support living initiatives with all aspects:

- Consciousness & Brain

- Natural Food

- Food Forests

- TIny Houses

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The World Wide Wood Web is About You!

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