We are working on the implementation pattern based on our National Devolution Target and legal framework in the 47 Counties. We intend to frame partnerships by "adopt a region - or a county" franchise for the periods 2019 - 2024 - 2030 CANOP the 5 fingers on the left hand stands from little finger for C = Climate Agenda, Ring finger A =Active/ Food and Health Agenda middle finger N=National/ Global Citizenship/Devolution Agenda/,pointing finger O = Organic cert Social-Capital CO-OPeratives / thumb P = Acad Leadership with IFOAM in Plan-tation,Processing, Product Management under Double Incentive Swiss Consumer Warranty Label Reg.1993/ a short letter of intend to Prof.Dr.Ezekiel Okemwa Chairmen Steering Committee could pave the way foreward -

To save prevent Cancer due to Food-infestation we are in process to change the national Rice production from Conventional withe fertiliser/herbizide to Organic 15.000 acres near Mt Kenya in a colonial irrigation scheme ex Mau Mau detention camp under "Re-constructive-Organic landscape Framework 2020 -2030 as part of CANOPA / Climate Active National Organic Projects

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