Sound as a tool to restore

The World is made by Sound. Nada Brahna

Everything is flowing, frequency, inspiration and information. This page will show you some tools to heal the environment and your own garden. The basic principles behind.

The Human body, Sound, Natural patterns, Trees, Milkyway, Fruit and, spirals, fractals. All show the same basic principles. The roadmap of life. Some examples can be find here.

  • We need to learn how to work in harmony with these natural laws in all aspects in life.

  • We organize lectures and workshops in this field

In the following section, the movie shows the growth of flowers and all other sort of things,

Signage Sunday: Wie AI und Daten uns etwas über die Welt lehrnen;

In other Words; we try to listen to our self. We make this Universe!

World made by Sound;

  1. DNA Can Be Influenced And Reprogrammed By Words And Frequencies

  2. The Wisdom Codes Change The Way The Neurons in Our Brains & Hearts Connect

Juni 2020; Ernstige geluidsoverlast voor miljoen Nederlanders, gezondheid in gevaar ... Al in 2018 door de WHO geconstateerd en ... net in deze periode waarin het RIVM zelf in de kijker staat in haar werkwijzen en doelen hiermee komen ....? Wat is er in die tussenliggende twee jaar gedaan?

From Youtube:

  1. Ancient High Technology Acoustic Levitation

  2. Sonic Geometry 2: Communication

  3. The Milky Way as You've Never ....

  4. Music for Plants - Music Stimulaton

  5. The Miricle of 528 Herz Solfeggi...

Kepler; Music of the Spheres, Hans Jenny - Resonance, Solfeggio

Questions, support or working together? Let us know :) Lectures are possible on request