Storms & Loss of Power

During major storms, our Monitoring Station sees a higher than average signal volume and will overstaff accordingly. However the unnecessary time spent handling signals, such as trouble signals, power failures and low batteries, from an area that has experienced a power outage, can take a toll on the efficiency of our staff and customers.

Following the steps outlined below will greatly increase our productivity in handling real emergencies as well as prevent unnecessary calls to you in the middle of the night.

BEFORE the Storm

For customers with Remote Monitoring Service, our operators place phone calls to your established Call List for select Trouble Conditions in addition to Burglar/Fire alarm conditions.

During a major storm, you may wish the established Call List NOT to be called about specific conditions (which can occur overnight), please call our operators at 1-800-554-1104 (valid verbal password will be required, and possibly other information depending on your account).

  1. If you have multiple addresses/locations that we monitor such as main home, vacation home, business(es), etc., you will need to provide ALL addresses/locations to be included for no calls.
  2. You will need to instruct the operator as to the time frame (from what date & time until what date & time) you wish no calls for the conditions outlined below - take into consideration storm feeder bands that may precede -and- follow the storm.
  3. You may wish to ask for three conditions be placed "On Test" (failure to specify the specific conditions will result with operators placing the whole system on test, resulting on no action being taken on any incoming signals, including alarms and panic buttons - something you probably would not desire):
    • Trouble Conditions
    • Low Battery Conditions
    • Power Failure Conditions

Helpful Links:

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AFTER Power is Restored

  1. Reset the Alarm System's Date & Time (see Instructions page HERE):
    • necessary if you have scheduled events programmed into the Alarm System (Auto Arm/Disarm, etc.)
    • necessary if your Keypad displays Date/Time
  2. Keypads in some Alarm Systems may loose memory (with no display) and will need to be "readdressed" - contact us for service for this issue. Since the Control Panel is still functioning, we will not realize anything is wrong unless you call us to report this issue.
  3. Keypads in older Alarm Systems may need their Chime Mode toggled back on if you normally use it to hear when doors open (see Instructions page HERE).
  4. Reset any UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) - sometimes referred to as Battery Backup, as it may not have not automatically turned back on due to long term power loss... related to:
    • Video Surveillance Systems
    • Access Control Systems
    • Telephone Systems
    • Modem/Router/Switch