Payment Options

For recurring monitoring fees, customers can choose one of the following:

  • Make checks payable to Thoroughbred Alarm Systems and mail to P.O. Box 2632, Ocala, Florida 34478-2632


  • Set up Bill Pay Service with your banking institution (use your name as the account number if one is required).


  • Email us if you would like to be invoiced via recurring email with a link to pay by Credit or Debit Card (we do not collect or store your Card information, this is done through our Card Processor). After receiving your payment link, see below for instructions if needed.

Paying with a Card

  1. When you receive an email from our Card Processor. You can review the invoice and then select "Pay Invoice" in blue box. A new page will open (see sample).
  2. In 1st box, enter Cardholder's Name same as printed on Card.
  3. In 2nd box, enter Card Number (no spaces or dashes needed).
  4. In 3rd box, enter Card Expiration Date (two digit month & two digit year).
  5. In 4th box, enter the CVV Number ("Card Verification Value") found on your Card. It is a 3-digit number on VISA®, MasterCard® and Discover® branded Cards. It is a 4-digit code on American Express® branded Cards.
  6. In 5th box, enter the billing Zip Code, where invoices for the Card are sent.
  7. You are NOT required to check the box authorizing the storage of your Card. If you do not check the authorization box, then you will have to take action each time you receive an emailed invoice. However, if you do check the authorization box, then (a) recurring invoices for monitoring, etc. and additional services (including service calls) are subject to be automatically charged without you reviewing the invoice -and- (b) see information from our Processor (for security and how to unlink or delete a previously saved card) can be found at
  8. To complete your payment, select the blue box that says "Pay $[amount]".