Local company, serving Marion County and beyond since 1988. Licensed to install custom Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems for Residential & Commercial applications.

Serving Marion County and beyond, since 1988

  • System Installation:

    • Burglar Alarms

    • Fire Alarms (including Voice Evacuation Systems).

  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring Service:

    • Dual Path (Internet primary & wireless/cellular backup) communication.

    • UL® Certified Remote Monitoring Station (UL file UUFX.S2629).

  • Honeywell's Total Connect® Remote Service Feature includes:

    • Custom Text and/or E-mail for alerts about alarms, trouble conditions and even scheduled events (know when your kids come home from school or if an employee comes into your business after hours).

    • Remotely Arm and Disarm your Alarm with smart phone or computer.

    • Review current Alarm System Status & 90-day Event History.

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