Student Express ÍTACA

"We aim to please but we ask you please to aim"

What do you expect from life? from school? from society? your future?Do you believe in a multicultural society?

are you willing to be an active member of our community? how?

Foreign languages and technologies will help you become a successful 21st Century citizen. Go Ahead! if you want, you can do it!!!!

Eugenio Narbona González. English Teacher at IES Ítaca.

Rellena esta encuesta de satisfacción con tu centro que han realizado unos compañeros. Sólo tardaras un minuto. Gracias.


Welcome back. We are sure you've got a lot to share from your holiday time so take five minutes and answer these questions so that you can later debate with your classmates and decide who's had the best holidays and presents during our Christmas break.

Did you go anywhere during your holidays? where did you go? explain

What was your favourite moment? and your second favourite? explain why.

What did you get from the from three Wise men or from Santa?

Now that it is 2019, it is time to think and reflect about our lives, our goals, and possibly establish our new year resolutions. Mine are to read more and exercise more. What are yours?

In the 2019, I am going to... / I am not going to ....


Read and deabate about the following statements. Do you agree or disagree? why?

As I grow old, Christmas gets worse.

During the Three Wise Men Parade, I felt like consumerism had totally take over our society.

LISTENING. Click here to listen.

What did Dan do on New Year's Eve?

What are their new year resolutions?

What is the aim of New Year Resolutions?


Enjoy your reading during our two weeks of class reading at our school.

QUINCENA DE LA LECTURA, 1ª EVALUACIÓN. 18-31 de Octubre. IES Ítaca. Tomares, Sevilla.

Horario de lectura aquí.


1 st ESO c. You've just started secondary school and you already look like older students. Have fun and enjoy your new stage in life!

2nd Bachillerato class is ready for the "real deal". Let's do it!