Blending Theory and Practice

Facilitated by Margaret Riel

One challenge in action research is to help students value their own ability to develop theory and create understanding of the theories that have evolved through the research of others. Neither should overshadow the other. However developing a strong theoretical orientation takes time, and often more time than is part of the action research process. So what strategies do instructors use to help pull students into the power of thinking with others, and the power to create powerful understandings that lead to their own living theories (Whitehead 1989, 1993; McNiff &Whitehead, 2010). How do they develop the spirit of praxis so that the actions they take are informed by their theoretical stance (Freire, (1970)?

In this section we shared teaching strategies, theoretical frameworks, online resources or other tools to help teachers of action research develop the connections between theory and practice. Members of the Learning circle added ideas, activities, resources and strategies they used to helps students develop an interest in theory and theoretical discussions.

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