Since action research can be thought of a method of life-long learning from practice, helping people do action research can feel a bit like life- coaching. There are many resources to help in this complex role of supporting action researchers as they go through this transformative process. Of course, going through the process yourself can be one of the best ways of modeling the process for students.

Action Research Network of the Americas

The STAR Action Research Community if a part of the Action Research Network of the Americas. They have both a website and facebook group and meet annually at a conference. You can also find a listing of action research resources.

The Center for Collaborative Action Research

The center publishes examples of action research in education, health, organizations, and business settings.

The Action Research Tutorials:

This resource is a set of 12 action research tutorials from the beginning of understanding action research to the development of an identity of an action researcher. They are a part of the Center for Collaborative Action Research and have a facebook group for sharing concerns or getting feedback as one engages in action research. Each of the tutorials has a set of resources linked to that step or topic in doing action research.

The Open University Action Research Guide For Associate Lecturers

This booklet is part of the Practical Pedagogy series from the Centre for Outcomes-Based Education. The series aims to promote good practice and offer practical advice in learning, teaching and curriculum development. COBE works with course teams, faculties and regions to support innovative curriculum design, assessment and academic staff development. Their website at has more information.

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