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STAR-C Newsletter

November 2020 - Action Research and a Pandemic

Published in English and Spanish

The Fall 2020 STAR-C Newsletter features eight articles highlighting international perspectives related to supporting the teaching of action research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Supporting Student Learning Online: One Professor’s Story of Transitions and Lessons Learned
    Linda Purrington

  • Peru - We Didn't Know How to Handle a Pandemic
    Carlos Chiu

  • Reflecting from an Action Research Perspective on Remote Education Praxis under Pandemic Circumstances in Venezuela.
    Geitza Rebolledo Márquez

  • Online Learning in the Shadow of a Worldwide Pandemic
    Margaret Riel

  • Exploring How Teaching Action Research Has Been Altered During the Current Pandemic
    Ronald D. Morgan

  • COVID-19 Effects on Teaching Educational Action Research in Europe
    Christine Lechner

  • Spanish Flu to COVID-19: a 100-Year Women's Narrative in America
    Teri Marcos

  • Reflections on Covid-19 and Education in Mexico
    Laura Irene Dino Morales

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Past Editions

May 2020 - Learning Circles

Our third newsletter features three articles focused around Learning Circle approaches to teaching, learning, and researching. Learning circles provide a collaborative structure for group work with distributed leadership.

  • Action Researchers’ Collaboration through Learning Circles
    Margaret Riel

  • Learning Circle Norms for Collaboration
    Linda Purrington

  • Learning Circle Logs for Reflection
    Teri Marcos

And much more...

Published in English and Spanish

November 2019 Coaching Mindset and Project Ideas

The second STAR-C newsletter features three articles that are closely related around coaching, mindset, and action research project ideation.

  • Spiral Learning Model -Support of evidence based coaching
    Ferdi Serim.

  • Developing the central question for guiding action research study
    Linda Purrington

  • Golden is the Topic and Research Question: A 5-Step Process for Applied Culminating Project Ideation
    Teri Marco

And much more....

Published in English and Spanish.

May, 2019 : Challenges in Teaching Action Research

Our first STAR-C Newsletter contains issues to consider when structuring action research programs as well as strategies and resources for teaching or learning more about action research.

  • What does it mean to do collaborative action research? Margaret Riel

  • Fostering Student Engagement and Inclusive Communities in Online Learning Environments
    Linda Purrington

  • Assisting Action Researchers to Design a Problem of Practice.
    Teri Marcos and Clotilde Lomeli Agruel

And much more....

Published in English and Spanish.