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STAR ARC Newsletter

November, 2019

Our second STAR newsletter features three articles that are closely related around coaching, mindset, and action research project ideation. Ferdi Serim's Spiral Learning Model -Support of evidence based coaching provides a pathway for researchers who are starting their process to think about where they are in their own career trajectory and how doing action research will move them forward. Linda Purrington's article on Developing the central question for guiding action research study provides a context for framing an action research study central question using the growth/learner mindset and a scaffold for developing a breakthrough question. Teri Marcos's Golden is the Topic and Research Question: A 5-Step Process for Applied Culminating Project Ideation provides a process to assist aspiring action researchers to engage their thinking around their topic and research question(s). And much more....

Published in English and Spanish.

May, 2019

The May STAR Newsletter was the first edition and contains issues to consider when structuring action research programs as well as strategies and resources for teaching or learning more about action research. Margaret Riel's article What does it mean to do collaborative action research? invites us to think deeply about the roles of people we involve in action research. Linda Purrington's article, Fostering Student Engagement and Inclusive Communities in Online Learning Environments continues the focus on collaboration. Teri Marcos and Clotilde Lomeli Agruel contribute the third article, Assisting Action Researchers to Design a Problem of Practice.

Published in English and Spanish.