Supporting THE teaching of action research (STAR)

An Action Research Community



Supporting the Teaching of Action Research Action is the name of our Research Community and we are beginning with a Learning Circle Approach. Each of us will be leading the group around a project idea and will be developing the site resources around that topic. We meet monthly and work on the different projects. You can read our monthly meeting notes. The goal of the learning circle will be to create the first draft of ideas, suggestions, and resources for teaching action research. The initial development of this website will be the first phase. In the second phase, we invite the larger ARNA community to join us in expanding the site and discussing ideas, activities, projects and resources.

Joseph Shosh

Margaret Riel

Laura Dino

Laura Dino

Donna Azodi

Jennifer Robins

Linda Purrington

Daryl Ann Borel

The people listed here are working in a Learning Circle which focusses on collaborative projects with distributed leadership. Each member of the learning circle is of a leader of one of the projects (listed below), but all the members of the learning circle will be working on all of these projects and as soon as we get started we will invite you to add your ideas to any of these projects.

Framing the Research Question

Led by Linda Purrington

The Action Research process begins with finding a focus and then "... identifying the values, beliefs, and theoretcial perspectives the researchers hold relating to the focus" (Sagor, 2000, p. 4). The third step in the action research process involves "generating a set of personally meaningful research questions to guide the inquiry" (p. 4).

This Action Research Community (ARC) project seeks to explore ways in which professors of action research help their students frame meaningful research questions.

You are invited to share your ideas, resources, and issues you may have experienced and addressed related to framing research questions.

Ethical Challenges of Action Research

Led by Jennifer Robins

What are the ethical challenges of action research and what are the best ways of addressing them? If action research is "doing your job" when or in what ways do Institutional Review Boards (IRB) need to approve the process. Reflective practice does not require IRB review but action research is SHARING outcomes with others. What school and university policies are needed for action research. How can we help IRB review panels to understand the different needs of action research review? K12 school districts often don't have IRBs, but practitioners practice action research using routine educational. Is 'routine' defined somewhere.

Blending Theory and Practice

Led by Margaret Riel

How do we help those who we support doing action research ground the development of their living theory in the context of their experiences AND the history of learning theories? How can we best help educators to understand the relevance of learning theories quickly when they do not have time to master all of the theoretical traditions. What strategies, resources or practices do we have or can we create to help student understand what it means to take a theoretical approach to understanding learning?

Action Research and Leadership Development

Led by Daryl Ann Borel and Donna Azodi

Action Research can be used as a tool for preparing school principals. School leadership impacts student learning and high quality principals are vital to the effectiveness of our schools. Principals who know how to both use data and support their teachers to use data in a systematic process of inquiry will be able to helps others see how to evaluate the effectiveness of classroom and school change. This project will explore the the impact the implementation of action research has on leadership development.

Developing Action Research Competence

Led by Laura Dino

Nuestro mundo avanza y evoluciona a medida que el tiempo pasa, la educación no se queda atrás. A nivel mundial se trabajan las competencias y se busca el desarrollo integral del estudiante para la inserción en el mundo laboral.

Al aplicar la investigación acción se desarrollan competencias profesionales, hablando de los estudiantes del nivel superior

¿Cuáles serían esas competencias?

¿Se desarrolla también la parte de valores y actitudes?

¿En qué les apoya para su profesión?

Timeframes for Programs of Action Research

Led by Daryl Ann Borel and Donna Azodi

Each university program that includes instruction in action research has to make choices about the time frame of the work. In some cases, students learn about action research maybe forming a question, or thinking about data that they might collect in a first cycle. In many programs, educators learn about action research by engaging multiple cycles of action research. This can be a project that fits into a semester class, extends across a number of semesters in a strand or involves a multiyear investment with action research as the culminating presentation or dissertation. These different time frames shape what is possible and type of support that can be provided both within formal classes and in advisory informal meetings.