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100.7 Star with Bubba & Mel!

Some of our favorite people are 100.7 Star, Bubba Show with Bubba & Mel! Today, we spent time with Mel & JULEZ! A bonus was also seeing Amanda and Elista! To have Tibbs recognized on radio being 1 of 12 Therapy Dog Superstars Representing “The Burgh” makes me beyond proud of this little nugget and all of STW’s volunteer work! One of the gifts of this work is meeting such beautiful people and we also did that with the Bubba Family. Thank You to everyone who called in, who always show their support & kindness and especially to Bubba & Mel for Welcoming us.  Bubba & Mel are so incredibly gracious and as real as it gets.  I got emotional when ending this morning and my voice cracked saying “What I get to do best is Dmeonstrate the Continuity of Life Where Heaven and Earth Meet”… If I have helped one person to understand just a little bit more in the possibility of a Heaven and that their Loved Ones (both people & pets) miss them, too, and that they are happy, joyous and free, then, it is beyond meaningful to me.  This work is about integrity, passion, fun & gratitude. Bubba, Mel and All, We Love You To Pieces. With Gratitude, Rev. Dr. Jan & Sir Tibbetts Wick 🩵🐾✨

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All the phone lines are “banked”?!  Mel says they’re always full with Psychic Medium Jan!

Today, as we were closing out the morn of the Bubba Show on 100.7 Star with Mel and Julez, Mel asked me if there was anything else that I’d like to share.  Looking directly at Mel, I began to talk about what I do best and my voice began to crack and I became emotional, with tears.  My response below:

What I get to do best is to “Demonstrate the Continuity of Life Where Heaven and Earth Meet”… If I have helped one person to understand just a little bit more in the possibility of a Heaven and that their Loved Ones (both people & pets) miss them, too, and that they are healthy, happy, joyous and free, then, it is beyond meaningful to me and I have truly been of service to someone.  That’s what it’s all about, the pleasure and privilege to be of service.  

Mel’s Response, Love you Jan, My Response, Love You More… 

With Gratitude, Rev. Dr. Jan & Sir Tibbetts Wick 🩵🐾✨

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Valerie- Confirms everything in including the name “Cali” their pet in Heaven! Valerie also emailed after and confirmed more! 

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Lori - Confirms Mom in  Heaven  watching over her daughters showing one engaged, one to be married and more!

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Joyce - Confirms their pet preceded her husband; Jan talks of a pet who greets her husband, who died suddenly; Mom’s eye problems and more! 

Ugly Sweater Party

Thank You Pittsburgh!


Denise asking about Dad. A hole in your heart; talking about pizza! Drinking coffee in Heaven.

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Karen asking about her Parents. The color Blues from her parents; Father; a pup in Heaven & Hi to Bobby! Karen shares “Hit It On The Nail!”


Ashley Wants to know if Grandma is ok?! Meatloaf & bread crumbs?! 

Demonstrating the Continuity of Life Where Heaven and Earth Meet and Changing Lives Forever and for Better - that is a beautiful thing. Bubb & Mel, 100.7 Star Pittsburgh & Our Bubba Family, Thank You for the privilege and pleasure to be of service. Peace & Blessings. Rev. Dr. Jan  & Sir Tibbetts Wick✨🐾

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Jan 2

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Jan 3

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Jan 4

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Pittsburgh, We Love You!! Thank You Bubba & Mel, 100.7 Star and the Bubba Family!! It was an amazing day on July 7th with Sir Tibbetts Wick’s Debut on the radio!! Wishes do come true as I both met and got to hang out with Amanda of the Ladies Room!! We also got to have an unplanned visit with Maria and Kristen of Y108! A super, banner, most excellent kind of day! Truly, a pleasure and privilege to be of service and to deliver speed reads for our Bubba Family!! I am Blessed to call them my friends. So good to be back in my hometown and to be in The Burgh. I Love them to pieces and Our Hearts are Full. With Gratitude and Love, Jan & Sir Tibbetts Wick

Angel Numbers 2-22-22

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Thank You Bubba & Mel for The Ugly Sweater Party! Fun Times! 100.7 Star and the Bubba Family Are The Absolute Best! Kind, Fun and Real. The Best Time And Making Beautiful Memories! Being Announced & The Crowd Response Was Moving. A Pleasure & Privilege to Be of Service in So Many Ways. Beautiful People, Beautiful Times. Blessed. Love To All!

Sweater Party
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Radio promotion for the HAVEN CAVE™.  

Same great Cave, same great salt, it's that simple...Simply Salt!!

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Had another wonderful experience on Star 100.7 providing readings to those who have lost loved ones.  A testimonial at the end verifies some of the truths shared with the caller. 

Simply Salt!! Spring and Summer in (virtually or in person) to our Haven Cave and renew your mind, body and soul! Sir Tibbetts Wick awaits your arrival and is looking forward to meeting you! Both virtual and in person appointments are available! Book ahead as we tend to get fully booked especially on weekends! With Blessings, Love, Light & Laughter! Sir Tibbetts Wick & Jan

Sir Tibbetts Wick and Rev. Dr. Jan Doing our part to help!! We donated over 6,000 meals for people in need as part of the Feed the Need!! A grand total of 603,000 meals was raised for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank during 100.7 Star and the Giant Eagle Feed the Need Radiothon! If you feel moved, please donate to your local food bank. Together, we all can make a difference! Love To All!! ✨

Past Radio Sound Bites

Hottest Tickets In Town?! Finishing a Zoom live from our Haven Cave Celebrating the Bubba Halloween Breakfast Show!

A Fabulous Friday with Bubba & Mel and 100.7 Star!! Serving our Pittsburgh Family From The Dale! Even during these challenging times, we can still all stay connected!! Loved seeing Richard, his daughter and Mel’s Mom Virginia! We Love You All even from The Dale and sorry we blew up your phones!  

Love To All

Listen: Psychic Medium Jan STUN Us With Her Abilities

One caller was left in tears . . . of joy!