"I Demonstrate the Continuity of Life Where Heaven and Earth Meet!"

Readings & Appointments

Rev. Dr. Janice Dreshman has read for people all over the world,  from California to Maine, from Guam to Canada to the United Arab Emirates, from Georgia, Texas and Illinois, to New York City, Taos and Japan. Her clients come from all walks of life, different races and socioeconomic groups, with wide-ranging spiritual beliefs and religions (or none) and quite varied perspectives on the "afterlife" and the world of Heaven/Spirit. What brings them to Janice is a desire for contact or guidance, and a belief that Janice, a gifted medium, can be an exceptional intermediary, a clear bridge between our concrete, physical world and the other side.

In Person Readings 

Available by Appointment

Janice books up quickly for appointments. Whether it is during the "Summer Camp Season" (end of June through Labor Day) or during the course of the year, It is always best to either email (or call), ahead of time for appointments. We are not able to return calls for appointment requests made for the same day.  After Summer Camp Season, Janice is still available in Lily Dale for prescheduled appointments. Because Janice books up especially quickly for the summer camp season, you may want to schedule ahead of time.  If you are in "The Dale", you can stop by and see if there are any openings via an appointment sign up sheet.

Telephone Readings Fully Booked

Janice is available year-round for telephone readings. Janice knows telephone readings work just as effectively as in-person readings because she uses your voice vibration to connect with God/Spirit and loved ones. Everything she does in an in-person reading is exactly the same over the telephone -Loved Ones come in, spirit guides may give information, colors still come through. In Janice's own words, "the only thing that is different with a phone read is that you are not sitting in front of me, and I describe everything to you as if we are face-to-face."

If you don’t see Appointment openings, please know that more Appointments will become available as they open up please check back frequently as they book up quickly!

Rescheduling Policy

You have up to 24 hours to reschedule your appointment through the scheduling application.  You will need to access the rescheduling link in the confirmation email you were sent after your original appointment was booked.  

Please understand that as a courtesy to others YOU are responsible to reschedule your appointments.  Direct emails with requests for rescheduling will not be able to be accepted.




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12 South St., Lily Dale, NY 14752

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For more information about the camp season, go to Lily Dale Assembly's website. You will find a detailed schedule of summer events - it is definitely worth a visit to Lily Dale during the summer season to experience the healings, outdoor message services, free lectures, workshops, and more!

Gift Certificates are available! If you are interested in giving a read as a gift, please contact us!