Meditate, Heal, Introspect, & Reflect on one’s own Spiritual Well-Being!

Same great Cave, same great salt, it's that simple...Simply Salt!!

Click on and enter through our Peacock door to experience a Daycation Spa-like Salt Experience!

It's Simply Salt!!

An Experiential Activity

Experience what we call "Time, Space, & Grace"

Welcome to The HAVEN SALT CAVE™! what exactly is Salt?! Salt is naturally an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal element that has been used for thousands of years!  Dry Salt Therapy is a Natural Holistic Treatment that is safe and for people of all ages!  It has been known to aid in healing skin conditions such as; eczema, psoriasis and acne.  Dry Salt also acts as a natural antihistamine, and works in detoxifying the respiratory system which promotes better breathing, sounder sleep, and overall wellness!  It may help to alleviate symptoms of allergies, asthma, COPD, snoring, sleep apnea, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds, flus, boosting your mood, increased energy, and so much more!

45 minutes in a Salt Room are equal to 2 days on the beach, breathing in the salt air! 

We use only the purest of harvested Himalayan Salt, infused with an atmosphere of Love and Healing!  And we welcome you to The HAVEN SALT CAVE ™!

Ion Therapy

HAVEN SALT CAVE’s ™ over 1500lbs of pure harvested Himalayan Salt, provides you with up to 84 minerals that are absorbed in the skin, and nourishes your body (mind, soul & spirit) as you relax and breathe deeply just be!  A halo generator is not used, as it emits small particles of salt in the air, and has been known to cause irritation in the airways, as stated by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, and in some cases can make conditions worse.  For these reasons, we offer the ION THERAPY that salt naturally emits with both positive and negative IONS. How does that work?  Let us explain:

Salt Lamps are natural Ionizers!  They absorb moisture from the air, and the IONS clean the air by attracting the pollutants.  The moisture evaporates, and not only does this clean the air around the lamps, but because you are breathing the air, it cleans and detoxifies your body as well!  Cleaner air oxygenates the brain, and this can aid in reducing mood disorders and improving respiratory and immune systems. 

If you don’t see Appointment openings, please know that more Appointments will become available as they open up please check back frequently as they book up quickly!

All Salt Cave sessions are private.  Only you, and any pod members you schedule with you (optional), will be in the Salt Cave during your session.

Rescheduling Policy

You have up to 24 hours to reschedule your appointment through the scheduling application.  You will need to access the rescheduling link in the confirmation email you were sent after your original appointment was booked.  

Please understand that as a courtesy to others YOU are responsible to reschedule your appointments.  Direct emails with requests for rescheduling will not be able to be accepted.


In the early 1800’s a physician from Poland noticed that miners who worked in the salt mines had fewer cases of lung diseases.1  Since then, many people have sought ways to obtain the same benefits through salt therapy. 


I experienced the cave twice this season. As soon as I entered through the front door, not even into the cave, I felt the difference in the air, it felt calm, clean and enveloped me in a loving embrace. I began by just "taking in" the size and beauty of the salt, the colors and the calm emitting from them that gently pulled all the stress out of each pore and replaced it with a healing warmth and a realigning of chakras. Spirit gently led me into a meditation where loved ones came to say hello. Amid tears of unconditional love, I was gently brought back to the Cave and the beauty of the Salt where I sat completely at peace.

As a new Healer, I have always loved the Healing Temple. The cave was a deeper experience for me in that I didn't have to be mindful of when my turn to take a healer's bench was or to be mindful of time as it took that small burden and placed it in their graceful hands, thus allowing spirit to work with me and within me through one of the deepest meditations I've ever experienced.

Thank you for the gift of the Cave. Thank you to Sir Tibbits for the special kisses and joyful tail wags. I know I will return for the unconditional love, healing and peace that is within the cave.

With much love to you,

Marie D.

As a holistic health practitioner and medical intuitive, finding spaces and places where I can recharge and balance my energetic and spiritual health with my physical and emotional health is a priority. It can also be a challenge. Jan has created an incredibly special, safe, and sacred space where I can truly connect with my Source energy and re-balance. It’s rare to find once place where I can achieve this level of positive shift and improvement. It's very important to me to find tools and resources that support people on their journeys to achieve and sustain everlasting health and well-being, and the cave stands out as one of them. No matter what aspect of health and healing is important to you, you’ll benefit it so much with just one salt session. I recommend the cave to my clients and friends who are going to be in town-I’d recommend anyone jump on the chance to book a session!

Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, PhD, MPH, RYT, CMP

Holistic Health Practitioner, Epidemiologist

Owner and CEO, Healthy Transformations with Heart

Virtual Salt Session Testimonial:

"You wouldn't think the peace and serenity of a salt cave would transmit through the technology FaceTime, but it DOES. Jan greeted me with a calm "Good morning" and a brief explanation of how the session would work. Then she left me, FaceTime, and the cave alone.

The beautiful soothing music worked its magic immediately. I was surprised at how quickly the feeling of calm settled over me, like a weighted blanket or a foot of snow. I tried closing my eyes and found that the full effect was attained with my eyes open, looking at the multi-colored but mono-hued tones of the salt lamps.

As my heart rate slowed, my 1-year-old, energetic pup came over and laid on my lap, mirroring my calm. He never stops moving, so this serenity was unusual for him.

There is a response to peaceful stimuli called ASMR that I am lucky enough to experience. It is another level of calm signified by a tingling of the scalp and relaxation of the body. The cave is the kind of place that initiates that response."

Dr. Maria Higgins, OD

Staying Healthy

As you know we have been through challenging times, and we want you to be aware that we are following all state and federal mandates. After each session, the room is cleaned, sanitized and disinfected. The room is kept at a comfortable temperature of between 68-72 degrees so please dress comfortable and bring a long sleeved shirt or jacket if desired.

No food, drink, blankets, or vaping.  Although some of you may find this humorous, we do not allow you to lick the salt lamps!

HAVEN SALT CAVE continues to follow all CDC guidelines, federal and state mandates.

Please be aware that regardless of whether you are fully vaccinated, or not, there may be times where masks may be required into the entry of our Salt Cave.  For our Salt Cave, once your session starts you can remove your masks if you like.  With this in mind, we are doing our best to do our part to keep both our visitors and community members safe!