Children & Mediumship

Children & Teens Really "Get It"

Mediumship can be extremely helpful for children and adolescents who have experienced a significant or traumatic loss. Janice finds that young people are naturally more receptive and open to information from Spirit; in other words, they haven't yet learned to doubt or discount extrasensory experiences. Janice really enjoys reading for children, and welcomes the opportunity to work with children and adolescents of all ages. She has read for children as young as three years old as well as teenagers. Her background in working with children and youth for more than twenty-seven years in other contexts facilitates her work as a medium with young people.

In-Person Readings in Lily Dale, NY

In most cases, telephone readings are not recommended for children and teens. Janice suggests in-person readings in Lily Dale during the "Summer Camp Season" (late June through the day before Labor Day) or when she is also available in Lily Dale off-season.

Janice requests that a parent or guardian be present in the reading with children under sixteen years of age. It is important that a parent or guardian hears the information that comes in and is there to provide support. His or her presence in the reading also helps afterwards as the child processes the information. In some cases, sibling groups who are coping with a shared, recent loss or traumatic event may all want to be in the reading together.