Pets and Other Animals

Our pets are gifts from God/Spirit, and are often just as important to us as human Loved Ones. People sometimes feel that deeply missing their pets (even from years ago) or wanting to hear from them in a reading is "silly" or "stupid." This simply is not true. The unconditional Love we share with our pets is very powerful. It is natural to want to stay connected with them and to know that they are okay after they have passed over to the spirit side.

Janice knows from her communications with many pets (both living and in spirit) that we bond for life - and beyond - with our Beloved animals. They remain with us as we go through our daily lives. They may brush up against us, or lick our face, or sit in our laps from the spirit side of life. If we pay attention, we can sense their presence with us. They walk with us, they wait for us, and, then, greet us when we pass over into Spirit. (See the Legend of the Rainbow Bridge for a very tender description of these ideas.)

If we have other pets who were in life with a pet who has passed over, the pets still here on the earth plane may have several reactions. They may grieve the loss of the pet "in body," just as we do. However, they also are able to see and feel the spirit of the pet who has passed over. They may play or interact in other ways with the one in Spirit. They may even try to prompt us to notice the pet in Spirit. Watching their behavior can be helpful to us in perceiving the presence of the pet that has passed on.

For example, pets act and react: they may bark or make other noises, stare, cock or turn their heads, and act as if something that we can't see is there. Rather than telling them to be quiet, or "stop," instead we can pay attention and ask if our Beloved pet in Spirit is visiting.

Sometimes the animals that bond with us may not have been "our" pets - in other words, animals claim their "owners" based on their Loving, energetic connection with us. So, you may have an animal with you that wasn't technically your pet, but with whom you truly connected when he or she was on the earth plane. They are there to Love us, and help us be more Loving beings. And we can continue to Love them back in many ways.

How We Can Be of Service to Pets and Other Animals

No matter how they passed over, our Beloved animals are happy, healthy, joyous and free on the spirit side. They have no illness or pain. Even when they had to be Lovingly "put down," they are well and happy. Sometimes the greatest gift of love we can give to these wonderful creatures who Love us so unconditionally is to Love them back into Heaven/Spirit just as we Loved them in life. We may need to make the decision to let them go and help them pass on. Pets do not hold grudges and they appreciate the difficult decision we made to let them pass back into Spirit. We have a duty to Love them through it, just as they continue to Love us, no matter what. We can send energetic emails (thoughts of Love and connection), healing, and prayers to our pets. We can also do this for animals we see on the side of the road who have been hit by a vehicle. We can't always (nor should we) stop, but we can send prayers and good thoughts that they are lifted into Heaven/ Spirit without pain. When we see experiences or hear stories of animal cruelty, we can always send prayers and healing to those animals, even if there is nothing we can do on a practical level. Such thoughts and Love make a difference.

Keeping the Love Alive

Communication with our Beloved pets is always possible. We can talk with them, Love them, and know they are by our sides at all times. It is up to us to keep the lines of communication open, as our pets are standing ready to serve us in Heaven/Spirit as they always did on this side of life. All we need to do is be open, pay attention, and send Loving energy. This is not only good for them, it is good for us - a true gift from God/Spirit.

In loving Celebration: Tori, seen here between her pals Sparky and Smudge. She was Loved back into Heaven/Spirit by Deborah and Bob on March 23, 2009. Janice Loved and sang both Sparky into Heaven/Spirit on November 16, 2015 and Smudge on June 7, 2016 .