"All I do is Demonstrate the Continuity of Life Where Heaven and Earth Meet!"

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Really?!! So What Are You Really Waiting For?! There’s only about two more weeks until we wrap up our 143rd Summer Camp Season!! So Come and See What We’re All About!! And Sir Tibbetts Wick and I have Been Busy From There to Here and Everywhere!! We had an amazing Forest and Fairies Forest Bathing Class, we’ve been busy with services, platform, volunteering, visiting some of our favorite people in the world on radio and most of all meeting so many amazing, beautiful people from all over!! We are Blessed!! OK, so if you’re booking a Salt appointment and want a Read on that same day, e-mail us and we’ll see what we can do to have Rev. Dr. Jan read for you on their porch! For more information on Rev. Dr. Jan Dreshman & Sir Tibbetts Wick, to schedule both your Haven Cave Himalayan Salt Room and Read appointments, please visit our website at www.spiritmessagework.com Alright Everyone, Have a Great Weekend and Have Fun!! Blessings and Love To All!!

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Heavenly Hellos!! 

Hi All, It’s your Favorite Medium Janice and I wanted to say hi from the beach! I just wanted to touch in with you and talk about actually “Heavenly Hellos”!! I had a beautiful dream last night as it was so touching, so real and I actually dreamt of my dog Smudge! She was a black, cocka poo, she was gorgeous, and she was the light of life! She was a therapy dog! She was everything that she could be not only to me but to our family, and also to our friends and to our clients who came to visit us in Lily Dale, NY.! When she had visited me, I had known that it wasn’t just a dream. I knew that it was a “Heavenly Hello!!!”...And when I talk about “Heavenly Hellos”, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a person or a pet, because we all carry that same vibrational energy and that same type of vibrational Love. And I remember getting very emotional in the dream and, yet, knowing it was such a joy to hold her and to feel her. And I thought, there’s my “Heavenly Hello”... So when we talk about “Heavenly Hellos”, whether it is my Mom coming in the dream, my Dad coming in the dream, someone coming in a dream for you to say Hello, it’s not just a dream, it’s their way of connecting with us and saying “Hey, we are still with you”... So when we look at that “Heavenly Hello”, let’s really take advantage of it; let’s see what it’s really about; and let’s be able to accept it! It’s not just a dream, it may come in a dream when we get that “Heavenly Hello”.. So when we look at that, I ask you how else do you get your “Heavenly Hellos?!”... It might come from finding a penny on the ground. It might come from a cardinal being on a branch. It might be picking up a seashell. It might be hearing a favorite song. A lot of times, I call them “Energetic Emails”!! And I’ll ask you

“What is your Heavenly Hello?!”... Let’s look for them! Let’s find them! Let’s capture them! Let’s hold onto them! That’s the essence that allows us to know that they are still with us; that they still Love us, and that they are always with us! They might not be able to touch us in the physical way that you and I can touch and reach and hold someone’s hand but they sure as heck can touch us emotionally, spiritually and even on the Core heartfelt level. That’s what it’s about! We get a little taste of “Home” with them and they get a little taste of “Home” with us. So let’s look for those “Heavenly Hellos!!... I’m telling you, I’m still smiling ear to ear having that visit from Smudge! I couldn’t have asked for anything more! I guess I’ve had dogs and puppies on my mind so who knows what that will bring for the future! But that is the one thing that I’m going to say I am most grateful. Something for you to think about “Heavenly Hellos!”... Blessings, Love, Light & Laughter! Love to All, Your Favorite Medium, Janice ✨

Death and Dying and the Other Side and How Love Endures

Hey All, When we look at death and dying, you know that I'm going to say that Dying is ugly and, yet, death is beautiful because we know what's waiting for us on the other side.  I have to trust that being in Heaven/spirit is beyond perfection. It's where the soul and spirit meet; where we get to be happy, joyous and free; it's where we get to see our Loved Ones, both people and pets. We also have to trust that when we lose a loved one, although that loss is so profound and actually hurts so much...we have to believe that our loved ones want us to love again.  We need to take the risk and to begin to love again.  I've learned through loss that love is all there is, that love endures.  When we love again, it also honors our loved ones in Heaven/spirit.  Loving again is a risk, and, yet, a beautiful thing.  Blessings, love, light and laughter, from Your Favorite Medium, Janice ✨

February 27, 2022