"My mission is to be of service to God/Spirit by working as a medium, minister and healer to bring healing, Love, comfort, peace of mind, laughter and joy to others. It is both a pleasure and privilege to do this work. I am honored that God/Spirit has given me the opportunity to work with others. To serve God/Spirit in this way is a true gift in my life."

-Rev. Dr. Janice L. Dreshman


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"Yes, Janice communicates with loved ones who have passed away. She is accurate and only tells you what she sees without embellishing or going on a fishing expedition. That, alone, makes her a competent medium. But, what makes her extraordinary in her life's work is her ability to help you take the messages she communicates from Spirit and apply them to your life.

Through her insightful comments and spiritual guidance, I've found the confidence to pursue a life-changing endeavor that has brought a sense of purpose to my life that I've never felt before. Without her help, I don't believe I would have been able to see past the self-doubt and fear that were keeping me from exploring my hidden talents. Thanks to Janice, I've "connected the dots" in my life, and feel that I'm definitely on course."

-Dan M.

"In the very first development circle I attended with Janice, she was in the middle of a talk about differences between a psychic and a medium and in the very next breath she started to channel someone from the other side. Just like that. This happened numerous times during the evening. I felt as though I was on the set for the John Edward show! It was that amazing!"

-Susan Wind

"WOW!!! That is the first word that comes to mind when I describe the phone reading I had with Dr. Janice Dreshman. She was so amazing. The way my Dad came through left no doubt that she is for real. What really blew me away was a message for a friend of mine whose son was killed by an IED in Iraq. He came through with info for his mom. He said to tell her he sees the dog (a new dog my friend had gotten since her son had passed) and that he is with her in the house. He also made other references which my friend (his mother) later confirmed, proving to her that he really is okay now, happy and healthy. This was such a gift to her as a mom, who had been in agony not knowing how her son was doing on the other side, wondering if he was in pain from the trauma of his death. I will forever be grateful to Janice for giving me this message for my friend. I highly recommend Dr. Dreshman to anyone who truly desires contact with loved ones who have passed over. I have to say that using the phone was just as natural and easy as it would have been in person. Janice Dreshman is a truly gifted person and medium."

-Deb Davis (Floral City, FL)

"Janice -- thank you!!! Your accuracy was 100%. Thank God for your talents and thank you for your service to others."

-Linda R. (Georgia)




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