How we can help you remake your schools

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socol/moran partners is your strategic partner in fundamental change.

Whether we work with a school, an entire system, leadership, or in the design processes around technology, professional learning, or building design and renovation, we will assist you in developing skills, capabilities, and capacities that enable educators to move forward into the mid-21st century.

What do you believe, and how do you you align your system with those beliefs?

How do you develop leaders for your schools?

How do you you reconceive professional learning into change-driving learning?

How do you turn "technology" into true "learning technology"?

How do you turn schools and classrooms into "learning spaces"?


The 4 Ps Design for Learning Process provides a new form of visioning and coaching for school and district leaders who are committed to learning transformation. Building strategic plans for a school district, school, technology department, special education services, professional development and so on is the easy part. however, we find that misalignment of plans often results from philosophy, policies, professional structures and practices that are not purposefully synced. Our advisory support to district or school leadership teams provides a strategic framework to build their capacity to assess, analyze, and align critical priorities to better support deep change processes.

Let us help you bring your school's or district's:

  • Philosophy
  • Policies
  • Professionalism
  • Practice/Pedagogy

into alignment in order to make philosophy underpinning mission work real for your students, every hour, every day, in every learning space.

Our advising services are offered as either a six or twelve month intensive hybrid experience to a limited number of school/school systems each year through:

1)Hybrid/Blended Intensive Working Relationship to develop professional skills in observation, zero-based thinking, and the structures that change educational environments.

2)Focus on Assessment (of current state), Analysis (of mission, goals, practices), and Alignment (of your 4 Ps) with action plan development.





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