real support

Socol Moran Partners are not consultants with a predetermined path for you and your school(s). We work with you to develop the support you need for transformation.

We offer customized support to bring your school or system from where you are to where you want to go - where your children need you to go. We can create a plan for one day, or two, or one week, or an entire year of embedded support structures.

We have moved real schools, highly diverse schools, forward with our unique mix of experience, theory-development based in extensive research, communication skills, and the trust that develops when your staff realizes that we have 'walked in their shoes.'.

We can support work with professional learning. We can support your work in administrative growth. We can support your technology staff as they learn to integrate 'children first' into every decision. We can support your building services staff as they learn to operate in truly flexible ways.

We will support the complicated process of envisioning a new User Experience for your students while supporting the complete work on your User Interface.