Professional Learning

Our Professional Learning Menu builds a customized experience for the educators of a school or district.

  • Watching children, observing learning. How we observe determines what kind of school we will have.
  • Internal Alignment. Who are we and how is that reflected in everyday practice?
  • Diving into philosophy – why do we do what we do?
  • Deep Mapping a learning environment
  • What does "technology for learning" mean?
  • Leaping into Universal Design for Learning
  • What is a learning space? Understanding space, technology, and practice as a single sphere.

MakerCulture Creating a MakerCulture, building MakerWork as the path to learning

Trauma Sensitive Learning Environments How do you make schools truly safe for students

Universal Design for Learning

Toolbelt Theory - education and technology in this century

ReThink Reading - reading skill development for this century

Making Across the Curriculum - when making is how we teach

Assistance with Building Community Support for Change

Assistance in developing student-centered technology plans

How to work with Architects, Planners, and Interior Designers