real advice. real support. real experience. real change.

Even if we cannot be physically together, we can continue to work on moving our schools forward for a student body that will live into the 22nd century. Socol Moran Partners can provide on-line professional learning, including leadership-for-transformation learning, that is purpose built for the needs of your school, your district, your state.

real advice.

Socol Moran Partners works with school and school system leadership to move your learning environments forward within your unique context. We listen first.

real support.

Socol Moran Partners isn't about 'one and done.' Our programs support school leadership through the changing complexities of transformation.

real experience.

Socol Moran Partners can't say, "We know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two,"* but we can say we have real experiences transforming diverse schools.

real change.

"Sufficiently Transformative" is our commitment. Socol Moran Partners believes the lifespans of our children requires relevant, engaging, and meaningful change.

Socol.Moran.Partners offers you strategic support for the future of learning.

We will be your partner in the transformation of your school(s) into learning environments that help lead all of your children and adolescents into the uncertain future they must successfully navigate.

We understand that education must change, but we know that change begins with a deep transformation of beliefs - by leadership, by faculty, by staff, by parents, and by community. And we understand that change requires change throughout your system if it is to succeed. We know, because we have done it.

We are advisors who have developed on-the-ground, fully tested pathways that can transform any school.

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