real experience

"Their actions took place in an ordinary public school district, which suffers from the same suffocating test and accountability educational policies applied in all American schools. They faced the same challenges of inertia, resistance, and the legacy of an outdated education paradigm as change‐seeking educators in schools all over the world do. They had the same concerns and anxiety as every change maker has: the lack of guaranteed success and acceptance of the planned changes. They understood the risks; they learned from others; they prepared themselves; and they took actions. They took “rapid, yet deeply considered actions to change the educational system we have inherited.” Yong Zhao, PhD, from his foreword to the book Timeless Learning

"EdSurge sat down with two of the Timeless Learning co-authors, Pam Moran, and Ira Socol, to better understand their argument, and ask what practical advice they have for teachers and administrators looking to transform schools. Moran is a former superintendent of the Albemarle School district, in Virginia, and Socol is a former school chief technology officer in Virginia. Between the two of them, they've probably seen more schools, more kids and more teachers than most people ever do in a lifetime." - EdSurge