Human Values Education: Why and How?


As being witnessed today, a world evolved through narrow, exclusive and intolerant thought tradition is full of conflicts, full of violence, full of inner tensions and war. Therefore, there is a need for a world evolved through harmony, tolerance, peace, and human concern for achieving human sustenance. Today’s plural societies that are marked by differences demand coexistence and hence inclusion. The workshop will deal with a wide range of issues related to personality development besides providing ideas, opinions, experiences, beliefs, perspectives and futuristic thoughts which are of immense value to students who aim to become excellent in different fields in today’s complex and globalised world.


  • To provide actionable insights for harmonious development of multiple dimensions of students’ personality besides inculcating in them human values such as trust, respect, honesty, dignity, tolerance, inclusion, courtesy etc.
  • To provide practical insights on the concept of living together socially, environmentally, creatively, religiously and spiritually and to equip the students with inclusive communication.
  • To provide capabilities for resolving conflicts peacefully.

Benefits to the Participants

  • Will acquire capabilities for moulding students’ personalities in the right direction.
  • Will get insights for helping in developing ethical and spiritual dimensions of students’ personalities.
  • Will get clarifications on teaching religions, spirituality, living together etc.

Who Should Participate?

School principals and heads and teachers, BE.d students, school administrators, members of governing bodies of schools, executive members of various educational boards, educational consultants, educational researchers, educationists, educational psychologists, curriculum planners, coordinators and promoters, sponsors and managers, officers in the department of education at all levels, decision makers, policy makers, members of education regulating bodies, employers and all those concerned with school education should participate.