Management Development Programme


Managerial Excellence


Managerial excellence is about making every area of the management better and running the entire organisation excellently. The whole idea is to find better ways to team up, share, take responsibility, listen, value other opinions, and develop solutions that work for the greatest benefit-usually starting with benefits to external customers. In the prevailing scenario, no single organisation can claim to be the best. It is imperative for management to recognise, learn, and assimilate the best practices from every other organisation, and integrate them into the business processes of their own organisations. This programme provides the managerial wealth, expertise, and wherewithal to those who wish to pursue excellence in their managerial positions besides helping in creating new knowledge that leads to; development of new products and services, innovative marketing campaigns, understanding customers’ needs and desires, and building of special relationships with all stakeholders. This programme also helps the participants in exploring the vast untapped sources of creative ideas at the individual as well as collective level hidden in tacit knowledge and provides strategies for developing a broad framework of enabling factors at the individual and organizational levels for institutionalizing innovation.

Who Should Participate?

Managers at all levels from the public and private sectors, and multinational companies, working in any area and in any industry, along with individuals from research and academia, NGOs and development organisations, service industries such as tourism, airlines and anyone who is interested in increasing his or her own personal capacity for managerial excellence along with that of teams and associates may participate.

What participants say?

  • The entire course was participants’ delight focusing on excellence and over exceeded in value.
  • A very well-structured programme ever attended. Almost every aspect of excellence on the personal/organizational goal has been covered. Excellent methodology was adopted un-comparable with any programme attended so far.
  • Really appreciate the large number of examples provided at every stage which made grasping concepts very easy. Discussions were very participative facilitated by excellent case studies.
  • Real eye opener for developing personal and professional excellence. Very methodical and specific.
  • Very good course and it will lead to develop new managerial and leadership skills. Lot of learning by case studies, notes, attitudinal tests and tacit knowledge. Good value addition. Very relevant to our daily management practices and work.