"Becoming Employable"


Many surveys and reports indicate a large number of young professionals are not adequately equipped to face the highly competitive and very demanding workplace of today in spite of high academic credentials. This is due to the non existence of the main ingredients essential for making a perfect professional namely ‘employability skills’. To succeed in today’s highly competitive world the acquisition, cultivation and fine tuning of employability skills is highly essential. “employability skills" refer to a cluster of personal qualities, habits, attitudes and social graces that transforms a person into a good employee and a compatible co-worker. And with business being done at an increasingly fast pace, employers also want people who are strong on Employability Skills and these skills play a vital role for professional success; they help one to excel in the workplace and their importance cannot be underestimated in this global age of information and knowledge. CEOs and human resource managers are ready to hire workers who demonstrate a high level of "employability skills" and then train them for the specific jobs available.

This workshop will deal with a wide range of issues related to employability skills besides providing ideas, opinions, experiences, beliefs, perspectives and futuristic thoughts which are of immense value to students who aim to excel in different fields in today’s complex and globalised world.


  • To provide actionable insights on developing employability skills besides inculcating human values such as trust, respect, honesty, dignity, tolerance, inclusion, courtesy etc.
  • To provide practical insights on the concept of living together socially, environmentally, creatively, religiously and spiritually and to equip them with inclusive communication.
  • To provide capabilities for resolving conflicts peacefully and live happy and stress-free life.


The workshop will be woven around the following themes

  • Purpose of Education and life-long learning
  • Creative Excellence
  • Self-Lotussing and Stress-free life


We use ancient to contemporary cases, episodes and exercises in developing excellence and inclusive mindsets in the participants. The workshop materials consisting of history and mythology, science and humanities, fiction and real-life incidents are all drawn from multi-disciplinary sources besides being multi-religious and multi-lingual. The medium of communication is English and when multi-lingual resources are used they will be provided with English subtitles and translations. This workshop will be participatory and interactive throughout. Concept sessions, experience sharing, attitudinal tests, video-clip sharing, discussions and group-work will be interwoven to deliver an insightful experience. The entire approach is multidisciplinary. Most of the inputs are drawn from highly successful experiments as well as classical and contemporary writings on the subject.

Benefits to the Students

  • Will get insights on becoming employable.
  • Will acquire capabilities for moulding their personalities in the right direction besides getting clarifications on religions, spirituality, living together etc.
  • Will get clarification on their doubts related to burning issues such as learning, career and life.
  • Will acquire relevant skills required for becoming excellent individuals in the 21st Century and to live a happy and stress-free life.

Who Should Participate?

Graduate Students and Post-Graduate students of Colleges/Universities/IITs and IIMs

Workshop Timings and Sessions

This workshop will be conducted either in the morning or in the afternoon as per the timings suggested below

9.30 am-11.00 am First Session (Developing Employability Skills)

11.30 am – 01.00 pm Second Session (Self-Lotussing)