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VIDYAVARDHAKA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Department of Business Administration

Gokulam III stage, Mysuru - 570002

Faculty Development Program on Excellence in Higher Education on 20/02/2019

By: Prof. C Panduranga Bhatta, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (Retd.)

Venue: Board Room


Content of the program

The objective of this FDP is to enhance the knowledge of achieving excellence in the field of Higher education especially, with reference to management programs such as MBA/PGDBM. The program content comprised of ideas such as “beyond customer/students led”, clean slate approach, delegation of authority/tasks to the people who are confident of doing them, mission setting, benchmarking, factors contributing to excellence, focusing on local advantages for case development and so on.

Pedagogy used

The pedagogy used included sharing the experience and success stories of the resource person (as an expert in designing and delivering the courses on human values) and the IIM Calcutta. Also the sessions were interactive in nature by means of sharing one’s own experience and getting the doubts (relating to areas of improvement such as case development, consultancy work and so on) clarified from the resource person. Video shown on the experience of IIM C Director and professors who made a great contribution in making their institution to be one of the best across the globe was very insightful.

Relevance of the program

The department of business administration, Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering is planning to become an autonomous institution in the near future. Being an autonomous institution is a great boon to deliver excellence in higher education by introducing the relevant and useful curriculum that encourages the students and faculty members to be innovative and remain updated all the times. Of course, this FDP was really useful and provided a clarity and confidence to the faculty members. The practices such as clean slate approach, academic autonomy, leadership, collaboration with renowned institutions, designing curriculum/syllabus/value added courses well in advance in line with what is actually needed for the students- discussed by the resource person were really a mind opener not only to create the path of success but also reach the pinnacle of the excellence.

Learning and value addition

The idea of clean slate approach which means to do the repeated tasks/activities with a mindset that it is being done for the first time in order to achieve the excellence in whatever we do. Also the idea of case development based on the advantages/best practices existing in and around the region was really appreciable. The academic freedom in bringing out new things in teaching/learning and designing new courses/curriculum was interesting and useful idea.

Message for Samanvaya Website

Wishing every success for the newly established Learning resource of Samanvaya under the leadership of Prof C Panduranga Bhatta. Let the vision and programs of Samanvaya transform leaders of societies by creating thinking executives rich with deep values, guiding spirit, innovative mind and farsighted actions. Learning alone has always been the central tenet of Indian ethos which has been considered to be foremost of riches; irremovable, invaluable and imperishable as it is! Learning makes one humble and humbleness makes citizens of a land worthy. Very impressed by the website . Challenging seminar topics and jaw dropping style !!

Emeritus Professor Samir Ranjan Chatterjee

Asia Business Centre

Curtin University

Enlightened Leadership of Ashoka the Great

Ahmedabad Management Association talk by Prof (Dr). Panduranga Bhatta, 28.12.2018

As a person interested in promoting the use of Indian ethos in management, I had found the title of the talk piquant and had therefore decided to attend. I also wished to know whether the teachings of Management Guru Chanakya are reflected in Ashoka's ideas. Chanakya had taught Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka's grandfather, the art of good governance.

The presentation by Prof Bhatta, a teacher of Leadership at the IIM-C Kolkata, was indeed 'Extra-Ordinary'. He began by showing that the concepts of leadership and governance seen from Ashoka's edicts are as relevant today as they were 2500 years ago. He pointed out that Ashoka had clearly stated the reason for itching his edicts in stone ---so that his son, grandson and great grandson can follow them, and these are available over many generations to come. Ashoka ruled to bring welfare and happiness to all, as specifically mentioned in an edict; this is the true goal for all rulers and so is applicable over all time periods. Here, all includes humans, animals and plants -a lesson in eco-friendliness for our times.

Dr. Panduranga then showed about a dozen edicts of Ashoka and brought out their implication for the political and managerial leadership of the present times. He clarified that each edict shown in his slides was exactly as worded by Ashoka the Great. It was only later that I realised how beautiful and precise job he had done to bring out the salient message of each edict in a sentence or two from the longish edicts.

He had followed the sequence as given in the Major Rock Edicts: no large scale killing of animals for food; using medicinal plants for treatment of humans and animals, also for plants; morality of respecting elders, caring for children, elders and destitutes in society; being available for public grievance all the time, even while eating; importance of self-control and purity of mind; tours not for hunting but for helping those in need; courtesy to servants and slaves -morality not restricted in time; respect for all sects and pride in own sect go together.

Prof. Bhatta's emphasis on ecological aspects and on respecting each other's religious faith was appreciated by all. His rendering of the edicts and their import carried the audience fully with him on this journey of enlightenment. His responses during the Q&A session were precise and enlighteneing indeed. And his handling of opinionated commentators was worth emulating by all public speakers.

It was good to note that Acharya Chanakya's emphasis on ethical behaviour and on the king's role of nurturing his people was reflected in specific terms in Ashoka's edicts. For me, this talk was an educative session.

-Ashok R Garde

Author of renowned book "Groom Thyself: The Chanakya Way", AMA, 2013]

Weekend Workshop on Leadership Excellence: An Alternate Approach for the PGPEX Students of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta on December 1-2, 2018.

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta invited Prof. Bhatta for conducting two day workshop on Leadership Excellence-An Alternate Approach during December 1-2, 2018. Students enjoyed the sessions and there was much to learn. The content was good and with a (positive) different flavour than the usual ethics/leadership courses. The cases and the speeches given as a reading material for the workshop were good. Personal anecdotes of the professor were interesting and also his knowledge of Sanskrit. Students recommended these sessions as a must for any PGPEX batch just not back to back on Saturdays and Sundays. Students further added that the workshop was well designed; keeping in mind the time required for each topic. The flow of topics chosen for the workshop was also good. If the sessions were planned for a longer period of time then it would have been better like 2 sessions per day and over 4 days.

-PGPEX Office, the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Weekends at B-Schools offer no less learning experiences than a weekday. Had an awesome learning weekend in workshop conducted by Prof. C. Panduranga Bhatta; a superannuated Professor of IIM Calcutta and founder of Samanvaya Academy for Excellence. The workshop focused on developing Leadership Excellence and utilized the non-conventional pedagogy dealing with topics such as Kautilya’s Arthashastra, Importance of Sanskrit Literature in the Twenty First Century and Learning from leadership of Ashoka. It was indeed a great learning experience

-Abhishek Kumar, Participant of the Workshop

An Indologist by qualification and founder of Samanvaya Academy for Excellence, Professor Bhatta, emphasized the relevance of Indian Ethos in leadership. He gave many anecdotes from his personal life and encouraged students to develop their own leadership styles.

-Soumavo Roy Choudhury, Participant of the Workshop

High Commission of India, Dhaka

No. DAC.EDU/Misc./FBK/20 Date: 15-11-2018

Sub: Feedback on the visit of Prof. C Panduranga Bhatta to Dhaka

Eminent educationist Prof. C Panduranga Bhatta visited Dhaka from September 22 — 27, 2018 at the invitation of the High Commission of India, Dhaka. During the visit, Prof Bhatta conducted a series of five lectures, which were hosted by several elite institutions of Bangladesh. All the lectures were held under the aegis of the Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre (IGCC) the cultural arm of the High Commission of India, Dhaka. The schedule and feedback of the lectures are as follows:

1 . On Sept 23, 2018, the Department of Sanskrit of the University of Dhaka hosted a lecture by Prof. Bhatta on "Relevance of Sanskrit Studies in the 21st Century." The lecture was attended by senior academicians of the Dhaka University, Chittagong University and Raj shahi University along with the staff and faculty of the Sanskrit department, officials of the Bangladesh Sanskrit and Pali Board and many educationists and lovers of Sanskrit. The High Commissioner of India, H.E. Mr. Harsh Vardhan Shringla also attended the lecture as a special guest. Prof. Bhatta's lecture was extremely well received and appreciated by one and all for its innovative content, articulate and friendly presentation style and above all its relevance. The secular aspects of Sanskrit, universally applicable, in particular, was highly praised.

2. On Sept 24, 2018, a lecture was hosted by the DPS STS School on "Human Values Education". The lecture was open to school principals, senior teachers and graduate students. Principals, senior teachers and students of different schools attended the session and found the lecture to be extremely informative, inspiring and stimulating. The participants also felt that the session was conducted in a very visually appealing form.

3. On Sept 24, 2018, the Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB) hosted a lecture on "Inclusive Leadership & Excellence" by Prof. Bhatta. The lecture was delivered at the IDEB auditorium and was attended by a large number of engineers, professionals and guests. All the participants appreciated the lecture and Prof. Bhatta's strikingly noteworthy style and research drawing on the ancient Indian principles of leadership and its relevance to modern day management.

4. On Sept 25, 2018, BRAC Business School of the BRAC University hosted a lecture on "Leadership & Excellence." Professors, lecturers and students from several major educational institutions and private universities attended the lecture. As per feedback received from BRAC University, the participants felt that Prof. Bhatta came up with some valuable aspects of leadership in his lecture and gave keen insights on how to be a good and successful leader. The students in particular were inspired by his lecture and were motivated to become a great and successful leader in future. They found the lecture to be enriched with immense knowledge and intelligence.

5. On Sept 25, 2018 the last lecture by Prof. Bhatta during his visit to Dhaka was hosted by the High Commission of India, Dhaka at the Multipurpose Hall in the Chancery premises. The topic of the lecture was "Inclusive Leadership". The select group of invitees included captains of industry, intellectuals, activists, cultural personalities and opinion makers. The august audience were mesmerized by Prof. Bhatta's intellectual prowess and indepth knowledge, coupled by his simple, unassuming charm. His remarkable analysis on the topic drawn from ancient Indian culture and tradition struck a special chord with one and all.

The High Commission of India, Dhaka is extremely grateful and wishes to thank Prof. C. Panduranga Bhatta for accepting our invitation and coming to Dhaka. His visit and lectures will long be remembered by those touched by his brilliance and simplicity. Prof. Bhatta's lectures have further cemented the close friendly relations between India and Bangladesh, based on our common heritage and roots.

(Jishnu Prasanna Mukherjee)

First Secretary (Education)

High Commission of India, Dhaka

Seminar on “Leadership Excellence”

On Tuesday, 25th September a very successful and enlightened event titled as “Leadership Excellence” took place in BRAC University 19th floor auditorium. The event was organized by BRACU Entrepreneurship Development Forum and facilitated by High Commission of India. The program was commenced by the welcome speech of Rahma Akhter, Lecturer of BRAC Business School. After that Professor Iftekhar Ghani Chowdhury PhD, Dean of BRAC Business School welcomed and thanked the chief guest and delivered a short speech regarding the topic. Later the chief guest Professor C. Panduranga Bhatta, founder of Samanvaya Academy for Excellence (SAFE) was requested to come up with his valuable words and to enlighten the audience. Dr Bhatta who superannuated at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, in December 2017 has over four decades of teaching and research experience at postgraduate and doctoral levels besides being a leading consultant and contributor to several research projects undertaken by prestigious institutions in India and abroad.

Professor Bhatta in his speech shared his personal and professional experience with the audience. He came up with some valuable aspects of leadership and showed how to be a good leader. Furthermore, he talked about honesty, integrity and punctuality along with good communication and motivating skills in order to be a good leader. He also mentioned about the decision making capability, accountability, creativity and innovation and finally talked about empathy in the later part of his speech. After concluding his speech there was a question and answer session. Few students came up with their queries and Professor Bhatta answered them and clarified the related issues.

A good number of faculty members and students attended the session and they were benefitted by the session through leadership knowledge. Students were really inspired by his speech and got motivated to become great and successful leader in the upcoming future. Finally, Professor Bhatta thanked all who were present and the organizers of this program. The successful seminar was ended with a group photo.

Ms. Rahma Akhter, BRAC Business School, Dhaka.

HUMAN VALUES EDUCATION by Professor Dr. C Panduranga Bhatta at DPS-STS, Dhaka, Bangladesh

On the 24th September 2018, a thought provoking, enlightening and very relevant presentation was conducted by Special Guest Professor Dr. C Panduranga Bhatta on ‘Human Values Education’ at DPS STS Senior School’s auditorium in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Programme was graced by Respected Director of STS Group, Mr. Andrew Homden, Educational Consultant Mrs. Jan Homden, Respected Principal Mr. Harsh Wal, Honourable Vice Principal Mrs. Madhu Wal and other Heads of Schools from the region.

The Programme commenced with the recitation from the Holy Quran and a welcome speech. Dr. Bhatta is an eminent educationist (former Professor of IIM-Calcutta) and the founding convener of Samanvaya Academy.

The session made an earnest attempt towards framing Human Values Education Syllabus and methods of teaching. It focused on human values education in schools along with its relevance and methodology highlighting Indian experiments and experiences to inculcate human values of integration, sharing and inclusion as good practices worth emulating in school education. It also aimed to develop actionable insights within the students in order to attain a desirable personality. The session further revisited the concept of living together religiously, socially and environmentally. Human values education concentrated on producing socially aware, culturally sensitive and intellectually cosmopolitan students with the firm belief that human values such as trust, respect, honesty, dignity, and courtesy are the building blocks of any free and advanced society.

Dr. Bhatta’s presentation was truly enchanting as the audience was left spellbound after listening to his speech. He also showed a few videos reiterating the importance of human values education among the new generation of learners and quoted legends such as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Swami Vivekananda. After his presentation, Respected Director of STS Group Mr. Andrew Homden gave a vote of thanks highlighting the points focused in Dr. Bhatta’s session and also appreciating the notions he brought forward. After the vote of thanks, Mr. Andrew Homden also presented Dr. Bhatta with the School’s memento and then all the VIP’s assembled on stage for a group photo.

After the Programme was concluded, all the guests were invited for refreshments Fifth Floor, Open Space of the Senior School. Everyone enjoyed Dr. Bhatta’s presentation and left feeling motivated, inspired and enlightened. It was a very inspiring programme and we look forward to more presentations in the future.

Madhu Wal,

Vice Principal,

DPS-STS, Dhaka

A lecture from Professor Bhatta, or the rise of inclusive leaders among the younger generations

Wednesday, September 19th 2018, Professor Bhatta gave an outstanding lecture about Leadership to more than a hundred BBA students and faculty members from Techno India University, West Bengal. Professor Bhatta memorably inaugurated Techno India University’s Speakers Series, which will give BBA students the opportunity to meet experts from different sectors and therefore discover a wide range of possible careers and fields of study.

Professor Bhatta shared some of the takeaways from his four decades theoretical and practical experience in Leadership – a field that is often overlooked despite its transverse relevance for professional and personal development. Professor Bhatta innovatively combined classical knowledge with practical lessons for the leaders of tomorrow. Acknowledging that a leader is fundamentally someone who influences others, Professor Bhatta first highlighted the necessity for leaders to be inclusive of others irrespective of their religious faith, sets of values, origin, or social and economical situation. Then, Professor Bhatta shared about the importance of considering intelligence in all its forms, and the strength of a leader who can skilfully combine high intelligent quotient, emotional quotient and spiritual quotient.

Thank you, Professor Bhatta, for such a memorable session and for so much food for thought! We are looking forward to welcoming you again soon, and for other inclusive leaders to being born in the wake of your teaching.

Ms. Pauline Laravoire,

Sustainability Director,

Techno India Group.

Leadership & Creative Excellence, Kolkata, March 2018

As a part of corporate policy, LION INDIA group involves its management and key executives in various professional programmes to upgrade their skills. One such training session on LEADERSHIP and CREATIVE EXCELLENCE was conducted on March 21, 2018 by the renowned Ex.Professor of Indian Institute of Management (IIM-C) Prof C. Panduranga Bhatta. He has more than four decades of academic and research experience in post graduate and doctorate level. He has published several books, articles, research papers and case studies in reputed international journals on leadership, creativity and innovation, building excellence, tacit knowledge etc. The knowledge shared by him would indeed benefit and add huge value to the professional competence of LION INDIA GROUP participants.

Many participants appreciated the good time management, very relevant content and communication, well arranged course material and very inclusive methodology. They said that they have personally enriched themselves. Self Awareness of Emotional Intelligence helped many to rectify the odds that they have in their nature.

Manish Gourisaria,

Joint Managing Director, LION INDIA

Samanvaya Academy for Excellence

The themes that you are exploring in your programs and workshops are of the utmost importance. It is perhaps a hopeful sign for the future that there is more and more in values-based leadership from senior executives in diverse sectors. I would be very interested in continuing our discussion to explore areas of potential collaboration.

Prof. Nigel de Bussy,

Pro Vice Chancellor,

Faculty of Business and Law

Dean Curtin Business School, Australia

Samanvaya sounds exactly like the kind of initiative I would have expected you to do-continuing to try to make the world a better place.

Prof. Srikant Datar,

Harvard Business School

Leadership Insights from Ashoka the Great, lecture delivered at Curtin Asia Business Centre, Perth, Australia on 29 March 2017

I write to confirm that Prof C Panduranga Bhatta presented an electrifying seminar on the lessons of Leadership drawn from Emperor Ashoka at Curtin University in March 2017. More than hundred senior corporate executives, educators and Government leaders attended the seminar and expressed their deep gratitude to prof Bhatta for bringing to life many of the practical lessons of Ashoka's approach in contemporary workplaces. We look forward to Prof Bhatta's visit again to Australia in not too distant future.

Emeritus Professor Samir Ranjan Chatterjee

Asia Business Centre

Curtin University

Your presentation indeed made a profound impact on me because it strengthened my own instincts as a leader. I feel much less tentative in my decision making. Thanks to your inspirational talk

Prof. Vishnu Pareek

Head of School

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Faculty of Sciences and Engineering

Curtin University, Australia