Management Development Programme


Leadership Excellence: An Alternate Approach

Programme Coverage

This programme focuses on a wide range of issues related to leadership and provides ideas, opinions, experiences, beliefs, perspectives and futuristic thoughts which are of immense value to all those who aim to succeed in today’s complex business environment. It focuses on a comprehensive, practical and highly useful analysis of the defining components of effective leadership such as inspiring and influencing people, nurturing talent, leading change, improving performance, encouraging learning, and effective ways of achieving results, cooperation and creating a successful enterprise. This workshop gives a new and deeper meaning to the concepts of self-leadership, spirituality, caring and, social and environmental consciousness. It enables future leaders to face the sweeping and overpowering change with calmness and equanimity so as to cope up with it, manage it and thrive on it. The workshop addresses the topic of leadership excellence from a multidisciplinary perspective and helps participants in understanding leadership besides enabling them to gain better insights and develop an intuitive understanding of evolving perspectives, worldviews, visions and purposes, which are needed to become excellent leaders.

The purpose here is to provide an integrative framework for understanding leadership excellence. The focus is on helping participants on a path of self-discovery in the area of leadership and providing practical tools that can make them more competent, more articulate, more creative, more inspirational and more credible.


· To develop a high order leadership based on vision, mission and action exemplified by great leaders at different points in history.

· To sharpen multiple levels of leadership competence to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

· To provide insights to participants for developing leadership that is socially, environmentally and culturally responsible.

MDP duration

This MDP is conducted for one day or two days