Management Development Programme


Organisational Excellence through Leadership


Organizational excellence means the whole gamut of corporate management and the way the entire organization is run and creating a world-class organisation. The programme aims at providing insights into the multiple routes, paths and drives which have been created by world-class organizations in successfully reaching the peaks of excellence. It also provides an empirical analysis of leadership, a simple and practical conceptual model of what leadership is, and an actionable guide to develop competitive spirit, achieve sustained performance, attain durable influencing capacity, enable others in bringing change, assist in actualization of human potential in all roles and at all levels. This programme also provide tools, techniques and strategies to increase creative ability of the individuals and organizations besides providing strategies for developing a broad framework of enabling factors, at the individual and organizational levels for institutionalizing innovation.

Programme objectives

  • To understand organisational excellence and its ingredients.
  • To help organizations achieve world class excellence through a better use of human resources.
  • To understand organizational factors and unconscious impediments restraining growth and excellence.
  • To help creating an organizational environment that allows and generates creativity and innovation
  • To achieve organisational excellence by exploring tacit knowledge
  • To explore emotional and spiritual competence and their roles in shaping effective leadership.

Who Should Attend?

This programme has been designed for senior and middle level executives in public and private sector companies, multinational companies, who have leadership responsibilities or are in line for promotion to such positions. CEOs of family-owned business houses, NGOs, consultants in the area of human resource management and organisational development, administrators and executives in responsible positions may attend this programme.

What Participants Say?

  • A very educative, thought provoking and well-designed programme, covers all the salient points comprehensively.
  • Very appropriately structured and relevant to the times and situations we operate in, highly practical and excellent coverage and treatment.
  • Painstaking effort at putting the good and comprehensive course material together shines through and it is worth preserving and valuable for continuous reading. Inputs are of a high order and very relevant to the work situations.
  • Interactive sessions and discussions resulted in a lot of sharing of experiences between participants and faculty in a highly friendly and participative ambiance.
  • Infusion of the “India Context” to Organisational excellence has been fantastic.
  • Very memorable and lasting impression and learning process was too good. The course has been wonderful and enriching.