Excellence in School Education


This workshop facilitates a dialogue about teaching, learning and leading in the school environment in order to keep pace with emerging demands and challenges. It covers a wide gamut of issues such as science of learning, pedagogy, classroom climate, curriculum development. It also discusses various learning and teaching styles, stages of student development, developing creative thinking etc. The workshop delves into the need for framing education model carefully and wisely aiming at the harmonious development of multiple dimensions of the students’ personalities. School education must revisit the concept of living together religiously, socially and environmentally. Human values centred courses, curricula are the future of school education in plural societies marked by differences which yet demand coexistence and hence inclusion.


  • To have discussions on the purpose of education, the notion of excellence in education, pedagogical innovations etc.
  • To identify key issues, challenges and opportunities to enhance the quality, motivation and commitment of teachers.
  • To sharpen multiple levels of educational leadership competence to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Who May Participate?

School principals and heads and teachers, school administrators, members of governing bodies of schools, executive members of various educational boards, educational consultants, educational researchers, educationists, educational psychologists, curriculum planners, coordinators and promoters, sponsors and managers, officers in the department of education at all levels, decision makers, policy makers, members of education regulating bodies, employers and all those concerned with school education may participate.

Benefits to the Participants

  • Will acquire advanced capabilities of moulding the personalities of students in the right direction besides getting clarifications on religions, spirituality, living together etc.
  • Will get many doubts clarified which in turn help them in carrying out their responsibilities as principals, teachers, educational consultants, counsellors in a satisfactory manner
  • Will improve their knowledge bank in the field of educational methodologies and content development and delivery in an innovative manner.
  • Will acquire the required knowledge and skills for clarifying the doubts of Gen Z students on burning issues related to learning and life.
  • Will acquire relevant skills required for becoming excellent teacher-leaders in the 21st Century.

What Participants Say?

· Excellent! A well-organized & structured workshop. Group work was amazing. Extremely Good. The example, anecdotes, inferences from great leaders- really charging. It has given a new insight.

· Non-stop sharing of profound and inspiring thoughts. I am going back with a determination to start all over again to bring excellence in education- I have understood excellence today. Anecdotes are excellent. Sessions are thought provoking. My self-esteem is improved.

· Highly valuable and very neatly documented course material really channelised our thoughts in the correct way. Very insightful, thought provoking; appropriate and concise; suggestive and genuinely “Goading to read” course material. Eye opening programme.

· Learnt a lot, value addition is great! Highly relevant to the need of the hour. It was a really a remarkable programme.